There are lots of ways GPS tracking can save a business money. A few common examples include lowering insurance premiums, improving fleet maintenance and ROI, and reducing fuel costs.

But the risk that keeps most fleet managers and business owners up at night is much bigger than overpaying for commercial vehicle insurance or fuel bills. It’s the theft of a  company vehicle—and all the expensive equipment it’s carrying.

The theft that would’ve succeeded

A real-world example of this nightmare scenario happened to Merrell Bros., a national biosolids management company that operates hundreds of commercial trucks, trailers, and other assets for hauling waste products.

Before shutting down for Thanksgiving weekend, Merrell’s team positioned several large company trailers at a grove, to be loaded when business started up again on Monday. But early Monday morning, Blake Merrell, the company’s head of Florida operations, got a call from his driver—the trailer was gone. And when he checked his ClearPathGPS app, Blake realized two trailers had been stolen from that grove—each valued at $90,000.

But because Merrell Bros. had installed ClearPathGPS trackers on its vehicles, trailers, and other expensive equipment, those thieves didn’t last one day as free men. Blake used the app’s GPS tracking to lead police right to them, where they recovered both trailers just a few hours later.

$180,000 in assets recovered. Crisis averted.

More operational benefits from GPS tracking

The money they saved from that asset recovery alone would pay for years and years of Merrell Bros.’ ClearPathGPS service. But beyond theft protection, the company is also enjoying many other improvements to its operations thanks to its tracking solution.

A few examples include:

  • They’re saving a lot of time on back-and-forth communication between drivers and dispatchers, because the app guides drivers exactly where they need to go.
  • They’re finding it much easier to maintain their trucks and trailers, because the app sends them regular alerts about vehicles due for maintenance, and the ClearPathGPS integration with Fleetio makes it easy to set an appointment.
  • They’re even using ClearPathGPS and the Fleetio integration to repair their vehicles in the field more quickly, because the app guides Merrell Bros.’ mobile mechanics to drivers with vehicle trouble.

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