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How To Get Out of Your GPS Contract

By May 23, 2018January 21st, 2022Blog Posts, Business & Team Management

3 Tips to Get Out of That %@&# GPS Tracking Contract

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So you’re six months into a three-year GPS tracking contract with your GPS fleet-tracking provider, and you’re not happy.

You’ve gone through the damn document a zillion times, looking for a way out. But there is no way out, at least none you can spot. They knew what they were doing.

We’ve seen a lot of companies in your situation. You can find their complaints on the customer-review sites. “We’re locked into a three-year GPS tracking contract and they won’t let us out!” That type of thing.

Other than just waiting out this terrible contract, is there anything you can do? Yep. You do have options.

Option 1: Beg (with an implied threat)

We’re living in the era of Yelp, Google Reviews, and Capterra—and that’s good news for you.

It’s a lot more difficult for businesses to mistreat their customers today, because everyone has a megaphone. We can take our frustrations to the web and tell everybody how badly a company is treating us.

So my first advice is to call up your GPS tracking company and tell them you’re unsatisfied and want out of your contract.

You can also tell the company that you’re already disappointed with their service, and that if they refuse to let you leave you’ll be happy to write about your experience online.

The vehicle-tracking services that already have lousy customer reviews know this hurts their business. So your willingness to add your company’s name to the list of pissed-off customers might make them more open to letting you out of the agreement.

It’s worth a shot.

Option 2: Get a lawyer

Know why you can’t find a single loophole to get your company out of the GPS tracking contract, not even one that lets you leave if they have crappy service? It’s because the GPS tracking provider hired professionals to make their contract bulletproof. Legal professionals.

So maybe you want to hire your own legal professional. Maybe a lawyer who specializes in contract law can find you a way out.

This could be an expensive option. But unless you actually take your GPS provider to court, probably not as expensive as paying for the lousy service a few more years.

Bonus benefit: It might also feel great to sit in on the call when your lawyer threatens the company with a suit.

Option 3: Let us “ride out” your GPS tracking contract

This option is the best, for a few reasons.

First, you get out of the %@&# GPS tracking contract right now!
Second, you get out of the %@&# GPS tracking contract right now!

And third, you’re then free to sign up with a GPS tracking service that’s actually month-to-month! And with a company whose service has earned not angry customers but raving fans.

So let’s get you out of that GPS tracking contract, okay?

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