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5 Things About Your Service Techs in the Field Will Never Tell You.. Unless you have GPS Tracking

5 Things About Your Service Techs You Will Never Know… Unless you Have Vehicle Tracking

Service Techs and Employees Wasting Time In The Field Can Be Prevented With GPS Tracking

Your service techs in the field do a great job for your company.

Right? Hard to say. You probably don’t get a lot of customer complaint calls about your typical driver. If you did, you’d fire him.

But what’s really going on when your service techs are in the field? It matters, because… your trucks, your payroll, and your company’s reputation are on the line.

The only way to know for sure if your drivers are doing right by your company when they’re out in the field is if you’re GPS monitoring them. Actually, our customers are vehicle tracking their drivers in the field, and they’ve seen some interesting stuff.

1. “Sometimes I race with my cousin.”

Yep, this happens. It could be happening with your trucks.

Maybe one of your service techs in the field gets bored on the road. Maybe every now and then he craves a little shot of adrenaline in the middle of his workday. And maybe he has a cousin who feels the same way. So they race — the cousin’s car against your company’s truck.

But hey, what’s the worst that could happen, right? Except the police pulling over your driver and impounding your truck. Or an accident. Or someone videoing the race and posting it on YouTube — with your company’s logo in full view.

Maybe best not to think about this anymore.

2. “When I’m running late to a job, I drive like Evel Knievel.”

Your driver is always on time to job sites. You’ve never had a customer call to complain that he’s late. But do you know how he manages that perfect record?

Maybe he drives like he’s rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital. Maybe he drives like he had two coffees at a diner 30 miles back and now he can’t find a bathroom. Maybe your service tech in the field drives like the police are chasing him (and maybe one day they will be).

Probably best not to think about this either, right?

3. “I do side jobs and pocket the money.”

One of your drivers always seems really happy when he brings your truck back to the office. Exhausted, but happy. Maybe he’s just a positive guy, right?

Or maybe he’s using your truck, your equipment, and your payroll to run a profitable little side business, doing jobs for the neighbors of your customers (and maybe extra cash jobs for your customers themselves) — and not telling you about it.

Good idea to stop thinking about this one, before you get angry.

4. “I take naps in the truck.”

Do you know where your service tech in the field is right now? He’s at a job site, right? He’ll probably be there another two hours. At least, that’s what you assume based on what his timecards usually say about jobs like this. But…

Where is he, really? Maybe he finishes up these types of jobs early, finds a quiet parking lot, and takes a long nap in your truck — on your dime.

You might want to put this one out of your mind, too.

5. “When I fill out my timecards, well, let’s just say I round up.”

A few of your service techs in the field sure seem to rack up the overtime, don’t they? But their jobs don’t seem much harder than normal, and the job sites aren’t very far away. What’s going on?

Maybe those techs are, uh, estimating the hours they’re working when they fill out their timecards? And maybe those estimates are, uh, optimistic.

This one might drive you insane. Probably best not to think about it at all.

You Could Keep Your Head in the Sand.

Or… You could also stop wondering what’s happening with your trucks and your service techs — and start knowing.

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