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Most businesses forget to GPS monitor their assets. Don’t be one of them.

Gps monitoring equipmentYou’ve heard the benefits of GPS monitoring a hundred times. Maybe you’re even considering it for your fleet. But wait a minute…

Are your trucks the only things your workers take on the road every day that cost a small fortune? What about some of the stuff inside—or being hauled behind—those trucks?

What about the thousands of dollars of diagnostic and repair equipment your technicians drive with them to every job site?

GPS Monitoring for Your Vehicles Is Smart, But What if Your Assets “Fall Off the Back”?

We’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses like yours with fleets of vehicles. Every business owner’s nightmare sounds pretty much the same:

“What if one of our assets gets stolen while our driver is at a job site or just stopping for a lunch break? Can your GPS monitoring service help us track the equipment and send the police to recover it, so we’re not down an important asset to our business for weeks while we wait for an insurance check?”

Short answer: Yes, we can.


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If You Ain’t Tracking it, the Stats Say You Ain’t Getting it Back

It happens a lot more than you might think. And guess what? If someone grabs your equipment from a truck or job site while your driver is distracted, the odds are those assets are gone for good. In fact, the National Insurance Crime Bureau did a nationwide study of stolen company equipment in 2016. The report found that of all the equipment stolen in 2016, only 21% was ever recovered.

And sometimes expensive equipment just gets loaned…and lost. Say you let a one-truck buddy borrow one of your assets for a job…and then forgot who you loaned it to. If you had ClearPath for GPS monitoring, you could track it down in minutes.

Both cases could save you thousands of dollars in costly equipment, not to mention lots of business you may have lost if you couldn’t send a service tech into the field for a while because he didn’t have the equipment he needed.

Don’t Be One of the Companies That Protects Its Vehicles But Not What’s Inside.

So now you know what most businesses forget. You can protect it all—both your vehicles and your assets—with GPS monitoring. And it’s not expensive at all.


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Your trucks aren't the only things on the road every…