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GPS Tracking Mobile App for iPhone and Android
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Route History

  • Complete route history of the day
  • Tap a stop icon for complete details
  • Total stop time for each location
  • See routes taken and current status
GPS Fleet Tracking App for iPhones
Vehicle Behavior Alerts for iPhone and Android

Realtime Status

  • Color coded status for stop, idle, moving, speeding
  • Group vehicles for easy viewing of large fleets
  • Updates every 30 seconds
  • Stay centered on a vehicle for continuous status
  • Standard and satellite view maps
  • Live traffic overlay from Google

Virtual Timecard Report

  • Run daily virtual timecard report on any vehicle
  • See every trip in order with addresses
  • Complete start time, mileage, drive time and stop time
  • Updates on every stop or engine off event

Take Control – No Matter Where You Are

The ClearPathGPS mobile app is available for both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. Included at no additional cost in your ClearPathGPS service plan, using your existing user name and password.

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