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  • Realtime Status
  • Route History
  • Virtual Timecard Report

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Complete Route History

Get a complete route history for each of your drivers during the day. Tap a stop icon for complete details, including total stop time for each location. Easily see routes taken and current status from your mobile phone.


Real Time Status

Easily see your drivers’ status with color-coded icons for stop, idle, moving, and speeding that updates every 30 seconds. Group vehicles for easy viewing of large fleets or stay centered on a vehicle for continuous status. Switch views between standard and satellite views or tap for a live traffic overlay.

Virtual Timecard Report

No more wondering. No more worrying you’re paying overtime for hours your techs didn’t work. No more trying to dispute billable hours with a client. Our GPS vehicle tracking system automatically records every start, stop, and total time at each location with a virtual timecard report. You’ll have a powerful tool for validating timecard hours. And you’ll have bulletproof proof of service for client billing.


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ClearPath’s GPS tracking apps are available for both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. Included at no additional cost in your ClearPathGPS service plan, using your existing user name and password.

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