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The GPS Tracking Solution Construction Companies Trust

We track thousands of vehicles—and lots of yellow metal— every day for construction businesses like yours. Many of these companies come to ClearPathGPS with similar goals, challenges, and questions:

How can we more easily track all our vehicles and heavy equipment?

Keeping track of your vehicle, crews and equipment in the field all day is tough especially if you’re relying on multiple sources – texts, calls, orders, and your team’s memory. With GPS fleet tracking you get a visual of where your fleet and crew is at any given time providing you the capability to run a more efficient operations.

How can we be better at reacting quickly to orders?

When a new job request comes in, with gps fleet tracking your team knows  where each crew is and how close they are to completing their current job, so they can dispatch the right team to the site quickly and give the client an accurate estimated time of arrival.

We need to know how our drivers are behaving.

When they’re in your vehicles, your drivers are representing your business. Having data insights on how your team is driving can help you make sure they aren’t creating problems on the road—problems that could hurt your company’s reputation.

We want to rent our idle equipment--but which equipment is idle?

Many construction companies want to lease their idle yellow iron, but they don’t have the data to know which pieces of heavy machinery are actually idle. That costs these businesses revenue that could be adding to their bottomline. A problem that goes away with GPS fleet tracking.

We’re worried about theft.

Construction companies worry about the security of their vehicles and expensive equipment their crews haul to jobs: excavators, backhoe loaders, dozers, etc. Tracking these assets will let you alert police right away if they’re taken.

We need better proof of time-on-site for billing and payroll.

Construction businesses need an accurate record of their crews’ days and times at job sites, to make sure they’re paying their teams the right amount and that they have proof of service in case a client ever disputes an invoice. ClearPathGPS provides this capability with our virtual timecard and other functional reports

GPS Fleet Tracking App

How Your Construction Business Can Benefit from ClearPathGPS

Improve Customer Service

Our user-friendly GPS tracking dashboard will let you respond more quickly to customer calls, by giving you a real-time view of each crew’s location and their time on site. This will help you quickly determine the closest crews to the new jobsite and those most likely to be done with their current job the soonest.

ClearPathGPS real-time fleet tracking data will help you:

  • Find and schedule the right crew faster.
  • Give your customers more accurate arrival estimates.
  • Improve punctuality by holding your drivers accountable and monitoring their on-time records.

With ClearPathGPS I’m able to see all my job sites at once and know exactly who is where and with what equipment. We’ve been able to cut down time significantly.

Adam GrahamPresident, Arroyo Seco Construction

Earn Equipment-Rental Revenue

One common reason many construction companies don’t advertise their equipment for rent is that they can’t pull together hard data (like engine hours) to let them know when a machine is needed on a jobsite and when it’s just being hoarded and could be rented out. ClearPathGPS can help you earn additional money from your equipment:

  • Attach GPS trackers to your earth movers, forklifts, and other equipment to monitor each piece’s whereabouts and how many engine hours it is logging on a jobsite. (Sometimes it’s zero.)
  • Figure out which pieces are truly needed on a jobsite and which are there only because a PM thought it was more convenient to over-equip a site than have to request machinery mid-project.
  • Use this hard data to rent out idle assets—and earn new revenue streams.
gps heavy equipment tracking

Increase Your Vehicles' ROI

One of the easiest ways to lengthen the useful life of your company’s expensive vehicles and heavy machinery is to outfit those assets with GPS tracking devices, which send a steady stream of valuable data back to your business including engine hours and reminders for preventative maintenance.

ClearPathGPS real-time fleet tracking data will help you:

  • Increase your ROI from vehicles and field equipment.
  • Reduce costly downtime due to repairs and replacements.
  • Keel your equipment healthy and in the field longer.

Ensure Quicker Theft Recovery

If a vehicle is ever stolen, recovery can be as simple as pulling up the ClearPathGPS app on your phone and guiding police to it in real-time. Fast recovery can mean saving valuable tools and equipment too. The ClearPathGPS solution offers several theft-recovery measures:

  • Real-time tracking updates of vehicle locations recorded and reported every 30 seconds.
  • Geozone alerts for after hours or weekend movement from the yard.
  • Covert installation minimizes discovery and prevents tampering of gps devices.

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