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If Only He Had a
Dash Cam…

  • Harsh Event Recordings
  • View Video from Your ClearPathGPS Dashboard
  • Download Videos for Insurance Claims, Driver Coaching
  • Plans Start at $30/Vehicle/Month

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The DashCam Features You Need to Protect Your Business and Your Team


Faster Situation Resolution

You no longer have to rely on hearsay when your drivers get into a sticky situation. Whether at fault or not, dash cams give you the ability to resolve tough situations quickly and reliably.

  • Harsh braking, acceleration, turning and crashes are automatically detected by a built-in accelerometer.
  • Footage before and after each harsh driving event is marked for viewing and securely uploaded to your ClearPathGPS portal.
  • Footage is also emailed to you with a link to the relevant video.
  • Archival storage allows you to download videos for insurance claims, driver coaching, and more.

Fewer Blindspots Than Ever!

  • Proven Reduction of Accident Frequency
  • Proven Reduction to Loss Ratios
  • Improved Driving Behavior, Increased Fuel Economy
  • Defend Against Driving Offense Allegations
  • Mitigation of Whiplash/Personal Injury Claims
  • Added Security & Theft Deterrent
  • Increased Speed of Claim Resolution
  • Possible Reduction in Insurance Premiums

Recording Features

  • HD 150° wide angle lens on primary camera
  • Optional driver-facing camera can be connected
  • Dual record mode (continuous + event)
  • Built-in microphone for audio recording
  • Built-in speaker for audible driver alerting
  • Connects directly to vehicle ignition power, automated operation
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • Up to 128GB local storage (SD)
  • GPS data records while ignition is on to provide location data, vehicle speed, and accurate time/date
  • Built-in G-shock sensor (adjustable sensitivity)

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