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Fleet Driver Safety Tips

By February 1, 2019January 18th, 2022Blog Posts, Business & Team Management, Security & Safety

Improve Your Fleet Driver Safety On The Roads

Improve-fleet-driver-safetyYou expect your drivers to be safe with your fleet vehicles on the road. This means obeying speed limits, minimizing hard braking or acceleration, being courteous to other drivers, and keeping their idling events as low as possible.

As a business owner, you reap financial benefits when your team is safer on the streets, including:

  • lower annual insurance premiums,
  • fewer roadside inspections or infringements,
  • lower fuel and maintenance costs, and
  • easier driver recruitment efforts thanks to your stellar reputation in the community.
  • (Not to mention you can rest easy that potential clients notice how safely your drivers operate fleet vehicles in their neighborhoods.)

That’s what makes ClearPath’s driver behavior scorecard and breadcrumb trails two of our customer’s favorite features.

Breadcrumb Trail

You no longer have to wonder or wait for a driver to get pulled over or get into an accident to know how they’re behaving on the road. You can watch your drivers on the road in real-time and get a color-coded heads up if your drivers aren’t acting the way they should.



Driver Behavior Scorecard

Sortable columns show you which team members need coaching about speeding too often, wasting gas while idling, accelerating too fast, or braking too hard. You can also see trends where potential insurance risks are hiding on your team.

What should you do beyond using these tools to improve your fleet driver safety?

1. Put Your Policy in Writing

Put an objective, consistent process in writing. Be sure to address:

  • behind-the-wheel actions that are often precursors to accidents,
  • fleet maintenance safety issues, and
  • simply being inconsiderate on the roads.

2. Hall of Fame/Shame

A monthly report on a bulletin board can be either a hall of shame or hall of fame, with a year-over-year or month over month fleet driver safety improvements noted.

3. Highlight Your Halos

Highlight an employee of the month with stats, how many years the driver has not had accidents or tickets, and how many miles he or she has driven since you started GPS tracking, up to one year to further encourage the “halo effect”.

4. Monthly Safety Tips

Other ClearPathGPS clients have found that safety topics and tips work to reinforce the safety message within your office. Don’t think of yourself as a good writer? Automotive Fleet magazine has tons of fleet driver safety tips to share with your team.

5. Mini-Team Competitions

Group your drivers into mini-teams and provide rewards for the least number of infringements each month or quarter. Then you have your drivers holding each other accountable.

At ClearPathGPS, we don’t just help you track your fleet. We work with our clients to make the most out of their fleet tracking data with suggestions to help improve their teams, reputations, and bottom lines.