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Fleetio and ClearPathGPS Fleet Tracking Data Integration

By December 20, 2018July 8th, 2021Product & Company News, Blog Posts

fleetio and clearpath gps tracking integration

Fleetio and ClearPathGPS Fleet Tracking Data Integration


ClearPathGPS and Fleetio have teamed up to bring automatic fleet maintenance management and fuel card integration to our joint customers. The integration enables you to bring ClearPathGPS tracking data insights into your Fleetio system to achieve better results.

Key components of this integration include:

  • Automatic Odometer Syncing: ClearPathGPS updates Fleetio’s odometer reading every time the ignition is turned off.
  • Faults / Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC): Maintenance and service codes are automatically added to Fleetio, while ClearPathGPS reports on each vehicle’s complete maintenance history.
  • Fueling Location Exceptions: ClearPathGPS automatically adds the vehicle’s location to fueling events and sends alerts on fuel card purchases that don’t match a vehicle’s location.


fleetio clearpath gps auto odometer readings

Automatic Odometer Syncing

Odometer readings automatically sync to Fleetio when the vehicle’s ignition is switched off. Up-to-date odometer readings ensure your PM schedules stay accurate and give you insightful cost per mile metrics.






Manage Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) & Engine Faults

Don’t rely on drivers to tell you if their “check engine” light is on! Get an email notification when new fault codes are detected by your GPS devices, and create an Issue in Fleetio from a fault code with one click (or choose to ignore it). Issues can be managed and tracked from creation to maintenance resolution.




Report on Fuel Location Exceptions

Ever been suspicious of fuel theft? Now fuel card transactions are automatically compared against actual vehicle locations, and geolocation differences exceeding a certain threshold are flagged. Get a daily email summary and detailed map visualization of the occurrence.






See Current Vehicle Locations in Fleetio

Easily see a vehicle’s current location, driving status and more right on the vehicle profile page in the Fleetio user interface.






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