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Geozone Tracking Features You Need to Improve Your Business


Draw a GPS Fence Around Your Assets

Do you need to send a lot of assets to a job site? Trucks, trailers, containers, and several pieces of expensive, heavy equipment? With ClearPath’s GPS geofences, you can use an aerial view of the location to literally draw a virtual “fence” around it, and the app will keep an automatic eye on all your assets there.

Big Value in Little Squares (or Polygons)

Once you start drawing GPS geofences in our app, you’ll find all sorts of ways the tool benefits your company. Use it to automatically monitor the comings and goings of your fleet. From unauthorized, after-hours use of your vehicles, to proof of service, to monitoring “forbidden” locations like bars or clubs. You can have several geofences active in your ClearPathGPS portal at the same time, and you can even color-code them.


Powerful Geofence Reports

Custom geofences automatically log arrival and departure of each vehicle. Reports can be used to audit time cards, provide proof of service, and verify client billings by job site.

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Stop Hoarders in Their Tracks

If you run a construction company, you likely have equipment gathering dust on a job site or two that your other Supers could be using on other job sites racking up the engine hours. Whatever the reason for asset hoarding – no incentive to let the tool go, capped charges, project stoppages/delays – it can do serious damage to your bottom line. Engine hour reports paired with asset tracking in each job site geozone ensures your equipment is working as hard as your team.


We’ll Alert You If Something’s Fishy

ClearPathGPS not only logs arrival and departure times from your GPS geofence. Customers on our ProPlan get text alerts when their vehicles leaves the area. Check out how this business owner saved his truck from a chop shop, thanks to our GPS geofence text alerts.


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