Geofences Are a Powerful Way to Manage Your Fleet | ClearPathGPS
Dynamic Geozones and Geofences

A virtual fence around any important location giving you automatic monitoring of all vehicle activity.

Geofences are a powerful way to automatically manage your fleet. Set it and forget it, and a geofence automatically logs arrival and departures of each vehicle. You can even opt to receive an email alert on important events, like an after hours unauthorized use. Reports can be used to audit time cards and verify client billings.



  • Unlimited number of geofences per account
  • Circles or polygons to match physical boundaries
  • Arrival and departure alerts via email and text
  • Historical arrival, departure and time onsite reports
  • Color coded by type (yard, customer site, supplier, etc.)
  • Dynamically light up on maps when entered
  • Set custom speed limits within geozones
  • Historical “look back” on new zones*
  • After hours and time based alerts sent via text*

Common Geofence Uses

  • Monitor yards for after hours/unauthorized use
  • Proof of service for job sites
  • Monitor drivers who take vehicles home
  • Validate fuel card purchases
  • Monitor “forbidden” locations (bars, clubs, etc.)
dynamic geofences

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