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Real Time Asset Tracking

  • Optimize Asset Utilization in the Field
  • Peace of Mind with SMS Theft Alerts
  • Works in the Toughest Environments

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Tracking Your Assets Means More Than Just Knowing Where They Are.
It Means Learning How to Optimize Your Resources and Make More Money.

geozone based asset tracking

Automate Your Asset Management

You can make tracking your assets even easier by creating geozones in your ClearPathGPS dashboard. Just “draw” a geographical boundary in the app around a job site, yard, or where you store your equipment—and you’ll always know when equipment arrives, how long it’s there, and when it leaves. You can check on your existing geozones and create new ones with just a few clicks.

Save Hours of Time with Detailed Reports

Get a complete history of an asset’s location, as well as indisputable proof of service and time on site reports. Stop asset hoarding by tracking usage and rest easy that you always know where your assets are…whether they are powered or not and whether you’re in the office or in the field. Not sure where to start? Our customer success team will help you custom-tailor your reports and alerts so that you have the actionable data you need to grow your business.


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