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Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking Reviews
Heavy Equipment Tracking

Heavy equipment tracking is more than just knowing where your assets are, it’s a powerful tool to help you make more money from your investment.

  • Always know which jobsite your equipment is on.
  • Track usage for accurate and timely billing.
  • Recover stolen or lost equipment quickly.
  • Automatic maintenance alerts for maximum uptime.
  • Reconcile timecards with actual usage.
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Geozone Job Site ClearPathGPS

Geozones Make Asset Management Automatic

  • Create circles and polygons of any size.
  • Put geozones on every job site, yard and important location.
  • Get alerts when equipment arrives or leaves.
  • Get alerts on after hours use.
  • Quickly create new geozones right from the group map with a simple mouse click.

Detailed Reports Automatically Save You Hours of Time

  • Summarize by job site and dates.
  • Engine run time by hobbs meter and total time.
  • Reports in email and spreadsheet format.
  • Automatically sent to your inbox daily or weekly.
  • Maintenance alerts help you schedule service on time.
GPS Heavy Equipment Tracking Ignition Detail Report
GPS asset tracker

Rugged Hardware Works in the Toughest Environments

  • Simple 3 wire install with no external antenna
  • Tow Mode Theft Alerting and Tracking
  • Dimensions 4.58” X 2.88” X 1.67”
  • Battery back up for unpowered operation
  • Accepts both 12 and 24 volt systems
  • Weatherproof IP66 rating
  • Built to US Military shock and vibration standards
  • $175 Self Installed

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