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GPS Tracking Device Options

Covert Wired GPS Tracker

Covert Wired Trackers

This covert GPS tracker (about the size a box of Tic Tacs®) installs behind your fleet vehicle dashboard and connects to ignition, power, and ground. It boasts high sensitivity GPS with accelerometers and digital inputs for added PTO reporting.

obdii gps tracker

Plug & Play Device

Terrific for light and medium duty trucks and cars, you can self-install this GPS tracking device in a matter of minutes. Because it plugs into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port, you can easily access any active fault codes on your fleet vehicles. Installs discreetly under the dashboard.


Dual Powered Asset Tracking

Place this low-profile GPS tracker (the size of a stack of index cards) on your powered equipment and you can check its whereabouts and movements to within the last 30 seconds using your ClearPathGPS dashboard…even from your mobile app. Its dual modes let you power it directly through your equipment, or use the built-in battery for a month before recharging. Turn on the theft alert and you’ll get a ping if it’s stolen.

Solar Powered GPS Asset Trackers

Solar Powered Asset Trackers

For your trailers, containers, or other assets that spend their days outdoors at job sites, you can use this solar-powered tracker that continuously charges itself. When your assets are on the move you’ll get updates every 10 minutes; and when they’re in place on a job site, you’ll receive 2 updates during the day. This low-profile device is about the size of a paperback book—which is fitting, because it can give you the full story of where your assets are and what they’re doing.

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