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Route4Me GPS Tracking Integration Partner

Route4Me and ClearPathGPS Integration

Route4Me’s partnership with ClearPathGPS provides integrated route optimization planning, dispatch and vehicle tracking. The integration is available now with a Pro Edition subscription to ClearPathGPS.

ClearPathGPS integrates with Route4Me by showing live updates directly in the software, which allows you to see actual routes taken and to make real-time adjustments and reschedule based on live GPS tracking data.

Sync Up Your Vehicles

Your vehicles are automatically imported and re-synchronized into your Route4Me account. New vehicles are automatically reconciled every minute. When tracking data is captured from ClearPathGPS, then data sent to Route4Me is evaluated to determine which vehicle (by ID) is associated with this connected vehicle ID. You can track vehicle activity in the Route Editor or in the Routes Map section.


Optimize Your Routes

Regardless of time, all it takes is one driver making one mistake to delay traffic for thousands of other drivers. But your customers don’t care about that. They want your driver to arrive on time, no matter what.

Route4Me takes your ClearPathGPS data and overlays its billions of traffic patterns in its database and re-sequences your routes to avoid areas of heavy congestion. Your drivers will get to where they need to go on time, and your customers will be raving fans.

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