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Service Titan GPS Tracking Integration Partner

Service Titan and ClearPathGPS Integration

ClearPathGPS gives Service Titan users real-time location and visibility data on their in-the-field technicians. By directly connecting their ClearPathGPS-tracked vehicles to the robust Service Titan dispatch board, home service businesses are able to make dispatching decisions and streamline job scheduling at a glance.

The integration of these two systems results in:

  • Faster, easier dispatch: With real-time visibility into the exact location of all of a company’s vehicles and crews, businesses can dispatch faster, more efficiently and provide more accurate arrival estimates to clients and customers.
  • More completed jobs: Real-time tracking and live traffic updates ensure that crews and techs take the fastest routes possible, reduce unsanctioned stops and get jobs done at a lower cost.
  • Reduced overhead: GPS tracking helps lower fuel costs, reduces unnecessary overtime, can lower insurance premiums and improve customer satisfaction – all of which go right straight to the bottom line.

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