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VisTracks GPS Tracking Integration Partner

VisTracks and ClearPathGPS Integration

ClearPathGPS and VisTracks have teamed up to bring FMCSA-certified ELD/DVIR capabilities to our joint customers. Customers can manage their driver’s duty status from within the ClearPathGPS portal. The integration is available now with a Pro Edition subscription to ClearPathGPS.

VisTracks Hours of Service product set consists of their DOT-compliant and certified tablet app and portal transmits data via Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, WiFi or a wired serial interface to the tablet. The solution enables drivers to keep electronic logs of their driving status, be warned of impending violations, provide for pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection, and follow additional state and federal rules as well as Canadian rules.

Key Features include:

  • Very easy to use, geared to non-technical drivers
  • Full-featured app with several unique features for both HOS and DVIR
  • Synchronized portal for near real-time back office management
  • Customization and integration with ClearPathGPS tracking software

NEW! Now Includes Trucker Shield™ Support System

Trucker Shield is what sets VisTracks apart from other providers of ELD solutions. VisTracks provides the best ELD while Trucker Shield provides a much broader and diverse support system. Trucker Shield will also help ClearPathGPS clients facilitate the move from AOBRD to ELD that everyone must make in December 2019, virtually eliminating install and support issues.

Application Support includes:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Application support
  • Hardware support
  • Connection issues
  • Compliance issues
  • Driver training
  • Application training
  • Administrative portal training
  • Onboarding training and support
  • Hardware installation support
Compliance Support includes:

  • FAQ documents online
  • Video training
  • Biweekly newsletter updates
  • Biweekly webinars
  • Regulation training
  • Violation reviews
  • Motor carrier log review
  • Review and correct unassigned drive time monthly
  • CSA score update and how to keep scores low
  • Response to FMCSA requests/notifications

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