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Is There a Leak In Your Vehicles?

Is There a ‘Leak’ in Your Vehicles?

Without gps vehicle trackers, there are leaks in your fleet.I hate to be negative.

Especially since you and I haven’t even met yet. But you need to hear this.

Your vehicle fleet has leaks. Probably lots of them. Not fuel. Not oil. In fact, you can’t see any of these leaks. But they’re real.

Every day you send your trucks out into the field without the right GPS vehicle trackers and reporting service, your fleet is leaking cash. Let me give you just a few examples of what I mean.

Your vehicle repair bills are probably higher than they need to be.

You can’t see how your drivers are treating your trucks out there.

So how will you know if some of them are beating up your vehicles all day? How will you know if they’re braking and accelerating too hard, or if they’re cornering like they’re in the damn Formula One?

You know how you’ll know? When you get the repair bill.

Your insurance premiums are higher than they should be.

With a GPS vehicle tracker installed, your company can probably cut its premiums almost immediately.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Your insurance company knows that you stand a better chance of getting your truck back if you can tell the cops where the thieves took it.

And that happens. It’s happened to our customers, in fact. Read one action-packed truck theft recovery story here.

Your drivers’ time cards are probably, shall we say, “estimated” on the high side.

Here’s another way your fleet is probably leaking cash.

Your drivers head to a job site. But when do they show up? How long are they there? Do they take a lunch break? For how long? And when do they actually finish the job?

Without a GPS vehicle tracker reporting back to your offices exactly where each of your vehicles are all the time, how can you know for sure if those time cards are accurate?

You can’t. And your drivers know that. Which means they might be tempted to, ya know, “round up” a bit. Or a lot!

Stop Leaking Cash. Add GPS Vehicle Trackers to Your Fleet.

Bottom line: You can fix these leaks (and lots of others) with GPS vehicle trackers.

Best part: No contract. It’s strictly month-to-month, so you can fire us anytime.