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GPS Vehicle Tracking

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The GPS Vehicle Tracking Features You Need to Improve Your Business


We’ve Got Your Back Anywhere, Anytime

Want to know exactly where all of your vehicles are, right now? Want to know which drivers are at job sites, which are on breaks, and which are heading home? Just pop open your GPS vehicle tracking management portal, and you’ll get the full picture in seconds on your laptop, tablet, mobile app…even on your big screen TV! Now your dispatchers will always know where your whole team is—instantly—so they can contact the right drivers about new job requests. It’s like riding shotgun with your drivers all day every day.


No More Billing Bickering

No more wondering. No more worrying you’re paying overtime for hours your techs didn’t work. No more trying to dispute billable hours with a client. Our GPS vehicle tracking system automatically records every start, stop, and total time at each location with a virtual timecard report. You’ll have a powerful tool for validating timecard hours. And you’ll have bulletproof proof of service for client billing.

Why Choose ClearPath for GPS Vehicle Tracking?
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Are Your Drivers Behaving Themselves?

Your company’s trucks are too valuable to leave to chance. Are your drivers speeding? Braking and accelerating too hard? Taking corners like Formula One racers? These behaviors put wear and tear on your trucks, costing you in maintenance and repair. When you install our GPS vehicle trackers, you’ll get the full story of how your drivers are treating your vehicles—so you can reward good driving behavior and discourage the NASCAR habits.


Big Value in Little Squares (or Polygons)

Why track just one asset when you can monitor the whole location? With our geofence tool, you can quickly draw a virtual boundary around any important location—a job site, your company’s parking lot—and the app will automatically record any of your assets entering or leaving that zone. Use them to automatically monitor the comings and goings of your fleet. From unauthorized, after-hours use of your vehicles, to proof of service, to settling billing disputes with a customer.

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