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Powerful tools to keep you in control of your business, no matter where your drivers go.

Geofences for Virtual Job and Time Tracking!

Geofences are a powerful way to automatically manage your fleet. Set it and forget it, and a geofence automatically logs arrival and departures of each vehicle. You can even opt to receive an email alert on important events, like an after-hours unauthorized use. Reports can be used to audit time cards and verify client billings.

  • Unlimited geofences per account
  • Define by simple radius circle or complex polygons to match physical boundaries
  • Automatic event notices via email and text message
  • Comprehensive historical reports
  • Easy to set up and manage
dynamic geofences
real time gps vehicle tracking accuracy

Real Time 30 Second GPS Updates for “Snap-to-the-Map” Accuracy

With 30 second updates, you get the most accurate tracks that show where the driver actually went. Other systems only update every 2 or 5 minutes which results in a series of lines that can miss critical decisions made by your driver.

  • 30 second updates for the most accurate route history.
  • Color coded track points for quick status of stops, speeding and idling.
  • See vehicles automatically move on the map in real time for a true picture of what is happening now.

Extensive Report and Graph Library

With over 60 GPS vehicle reports and graphs, you can drill down into all the details of your fleets operational history. Run quick graphs to see who top speeders for the last week are, or which vehicles are being over utilized for lease mileage.

  • Full fleet history available for up to 12 months.
  • Run reports for groups or individual vehicles over any time period.
  • Mileage automatically updated for easy maintenance reports and alerts.
  • Time card reports and geofence reports makes payroll more accurate.
gps vehicle tracking driver behavior reports

Virtual Timecard Report

A complete accounting of every trip and stop your driver did throughout the day. Allows you to reconcile timecards and billing invoices. Export to a billing or accounting system.

  • Details every trip by start time, distance and time traveled to next stop.
  • Tracks total stopped time at each location.
  • Total drive time, mileage and stop time by day or any period.
  • Click map points to see satellite image of each stop.
  • Export to billing or accounting systems.

Driver ID

Do your drivers change vehicles on different days? Do work crews switch off between drivers throughout the shift? With Driver ID you always know which driver is behind the wheel of your vehicles on every trip.

  • Each driver uses their individual key FOB to “check-in” to the vehicle when they start.
  • Audio alarm sounds until the driver “checks-in” by touching FOB to reader.
  • Flashing light confirms successful “check-in”.
  • Realtime tracks and historical reports identify the driver for each event.
Driver ID
gps vehicle tracking driver behavior reporting

Vehicle Behavior Scorecards

Identifying aggressive drivers in your fleet not only prevents accidents, it can save you thousands in unnecessary wear and tear, wasted fuel and premature maintenance. The ClearPathGPS Vehicle Scorecard lets you quickly see trends and comparisons to see which drivers need extra coaching to bring them back to your standards.

  • Track speeding, braking and acceleration.
  • Accelerometers measure G-force 20 times a second.
  • Drill down to the location of each event on the map.
  • Rank “per 100 miles” to make “apples to apples” comparison regardless of miles driven.
  • Identify and correct problem drivers before trouble strikes

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