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Why Choose ClearPathGPS?

  • Responsive, 5 Star Rated Service & Support
  • Reliable Tracking Data
  • Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Software and Apps
  • No Contract GPS Tracking Keeps You In Control
  • Flexibility to Suspend Tracking

No Contract GPS Tracking and Suspend Anytime Options Keep You in Control

ClearPathGPS was founded on the idea that if we deliver consistent value to your business at a fair price, you’ll decide to keep using our service – it’s really that simple.

With no contract GPS tracking and on-demand flexibility to suspend tracking on any vehicle whenever you want – we have to deliver value and earn your business every single month – isn’t that a better way to do business?

In the past, the GPS tracking industry had to subsidize expensive tracking equipment and would lock you into a two or three-year contract to cover that cost. The technology has only gotten less expensive and more reliable over the years but the industry is addicted to locking you (and your money) into those contracts. Those days are coming to an end, and your business shouldn’t be locked into the past.

Amazing Service. Stellar Support.

Our no contract GPS tracking brings the power back to you, letting you decide every single month if we’ve been delivering the amazing service and stellar support we promised…and have become known for in the GPS tracking industry. If we’re doing a good job and helping your business be more successful, we’re confident you’ll stay with us for the long haul.

Just like more than one thousand other companies already have…

“Reliable” “Responsive” “Easy-to-Use”
Sound Refreshing?

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No contracts, cancel or suspend any vehicle at anytime. Flexible hardware purchase or lease options with service plans starting at $20 per month. See why thousands have chosen ClearPathGPS.