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Real Time GPS Integration Partners

ClearPathGPS is the key to a powerful ecosystem of partner solutions that help you run a more profitable business.


  • ServiceTitan is used by residential home service businesses in the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC verticals to improve sales and customer service.
  • ClearPathGPS integrates with ServiceTitan and offers the ability for users to view technicians on the ServiceTitan dispatch board through real time GPS devices in the technician’s vehicle.
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ServiceTitan GPS Tracking Integration Partner
Route4Me GPS Tracking Integration Partner


  • Route4Me is an easy-to-use route optimization software that puts route planning on auto-pilot so you can grow your business.
  • ClearPathGPS integrates with Route4Me by showing real time GPS updates directly in the software allowing you to see actual routes taken and to make realtime adjustments and re-schedules based on live tracking data.
  • Learn more at Route4Me


  • Fleetio helps fleets of all sizes gain visibility into fleet operations, maintenance and manage assets.
  • Fleet managers can instantly access and update real time GPS data regarding maintenance, fuel, drivers, inspections, parts and more.
  • ClearPathGPS feeds odometer and location data directly into Fleetio giving you accurate maintenance tracking and fuel card use control.
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ManagerPlus GPS Tracking Integration Partner


  • ManagerPlus is a full featured maintenance management system covering all assets in an organization.
  • ClearPathGPS brings in assets based on Serial/VIN as well as log data to your ManagerPlus system.
  • Learn more at ManagerPlus Connectors


  • Outdoorsy is the largest peer-to-peer marketplace of RV rentals. They connect thousands of RV owners with other campers like them who want the experience RVing without ownership.
  • ClearPath’s real time GPS solution integrates with Outdoorsy’s management and rental platform allowing owners to manage their rental assets.
  • Learn more about Outdoorsy
Outdoorsy GPS Tracking Integration Partner
VisTracks GPS Tracking Integration Partner


  • VisTracks delivers a fully certified Hours of Service / Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution helping fleets comply the FMCSA mandate going into effect December 18, 2017.
  • ClearPath’s real time GPS fully integrates with VisTracks to allow customers to manage their driver’s duty status from within the ClearPathGPS portal.
  • Learn more at ELD Solutions

Load Track

  • LoadTrack gives trucking companies the ability to track temporary contractors with a smart phone app.
  • ClearPathGPS integrates with LoadTrack to provide a single real time GPS view of of all brokered loads into the ClearPathGPS portal.
  • Learn more at TruckerTools LoadTrack
LoadTrack GPS Tracking Integration Partner

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