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Cal-State Site Services Pumps Up Productivity with ClearPathGPS

site services fleet maintenance success story

Cal-State Site Services has been serving the portable sanitation and temporary fencing needs of Southern California since 1991. Handling diverse jobs such as construction sites, major sporting events and natural disaster relief efforts keeps the fleet of 15 trucks constantly on the go. General Manager, Eric Giffin, and his team pride themselves on excellent customer service. ClearPath’s GPS tracking devices play a key role in delivering on that promise with benefits like proof of service, streamlining fleet maintenance, maximizing route efficiency and ensuring driver safety.

Proof of Service at Every Stop with Pumping Status

ClearPathGPS installed sensors on each of the pump trucks giving Cal-State real time status on the vacuums. At each stop, they can see how quickly the crew started pumping after arrival and how soon they left after turning the pump off, maximizing the efficiency of each stop and allowing more stops per day. Cal-State also has a geo-tagged audit trail of each pumping event giving them proof of service when clients call with questions about their accounts.

Maximizing Route Efficiency and Streamlining Fleet Maintenance Means More Gets Done Per Crew

A typical truck in the Cal-State fleet can make dozens of stops every day. By reviewing routes and stop times they can look for trends, inefficiencies, and changes that will allow them to fit more stops per day while still maintaining a schedule that keeps clients happy. Fleet Maintenance reports help make sure their trucks stay on the road instead of breaking down on the shoulder. The ClearPathGPS Virtual Timecard Report helps them keep crews accountable for their day and make sure breaks and lunches are reflected accurately in their timesheet.

Ensuring Safe Driver Behavior is Good Business

Each truck carries the Cal-State brand with it on every trip, so operating safely is more than just common sense. By tracking speeding, hard braking, and other driver behaviors, Cal-State can ensure their drivers are safe and courteous on the roads at all times keeping their good reputation strong in the community. Also, agricultural clients often have strict speed limits on the farms. Thanks to ClearPathGPS, they can always guarantee compliance.

  • “ClearPathGPS allows me to see that my truck arrived at a site, and that they successfully pumped and completed the job as efficiently as possible. It’s a complete picture.”

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