HOS & ELD Software for Fleets

Need to Comply with the FMSCSA DOT Mandate? ClearPathGPS has got you Covered!

gps fleet tracking reports and data to help manage and improve operations

The Tools You Need to Be ELD Compliant

For customers whose fleet needs to adhere to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) DOT Mandate, ClearPathGPS provides an easy-to-use and affordable solution to be compliant.

Through our seamless data integration with our partner VisTracks, ClearPathGPS electronic logging device (ELD) compliant eLogs provide your drivers the ability to easily and quickly perform the mandated activities – such as logging hours, performing inspections – helping you be compliant and avoid costly violations.

Plus through the seamless data integration, ClearPathGPS customers are able to manage their driver’s duty status from within our solution portal.

No More Worrying if Your Drivers are Adhering to Mandated Hours of Service

Ensure your truck drives and commercial motor vehicle operators are adhering to the hours of service (HOS federal) regulations that limit their hours of operations with our electronic logging device.

  • Drivers are able to easily keep electronic logs of their driving status, be warned of impending violations, provide for pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection, and follow additional state and federal rules as well as Canadian rules.
  • DOT-compliant and certified tablet app and portal that transmits data via Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, WiFi or a wired serial interface to the tablet.

Features that Work for Your Drivers and Your Business

Easy to Use In Cab Application

Meets federal ELD compliance requirements

Eliminate paper logs

Track driver hours and vehicle inspection data

Ensure responsible driving and reduce violations

Works with any Android tablet

Roadside ELD Compliance

USA Federal Interstate Regulations (§395)

USA Property/Passenger Short-haul

California and Texas Intrastate Regulations

DVIR Compliance - USA Federal Interstate Regulations (§396)

Management Portal

Manage HOS violations before they happen

Push DVIR and Rules out to mobile devices in the field

Automate record keeping