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Pricing & Plans

GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

ClearPathGPS Industry-leading fleet managment solutions

Real-time fleet visibility and tools to improve your operations, at terms that are right for your business.

  • No contract required
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Top-rated customer support


Perfect for businesses just getting started with GPS fleet tracking, our Standard Plan provides great data and reporting of vehicles and assets. 

Vehicles and Powered Assets*
Non-Powered Assets
Live map view of fleet
Virtual geofences
Extensive report library
US-based support
Ongoing training and guidance

*Vehicle dashcam for additional $30/month



Our Pro Plan provides additional insights and tools to more effectively manage day-to-day operations and support continuous improvement.

Vehicles and Powered Assets*
Non-Powered Assets

Standard Package plus:

Advanced reports
Real-time alerts
Partner integrations
Open API access

*Vehicle daschcam for additional $30/month

Best-in-Class Tracking Hardware to Support your Success

At ClearPathGPS, we carefully vet and test our hardware to ensure durability, data accuracy, and easy installation.

Hardware for Vehicle and Powered-Assets

obdii gps tracker

Plug & Play Device

Light and medium duty trucks and cars. Self-install in a matter of minutes by simply plugging right into a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port.

Covert Wired Tracker

About the size of a box of Tic Tacs®, easily installs behind fleet vehicle dashboard and connects to ignition, power, and ground. 

owl cam for commercial fleets

Vehicle Dashcam 

Easy-to-install road and driver facing camera, provides access to images and video feeds.

Hardware for Non-Powered Assets and Heavy Equipment


Dual Powered Asset Tracker

About the size of a stack of index cards. Dual modes enable power directly through equipment or use the built-in battery that runs for a month before needing recharging.

Solar Powered Tracker

Solar-powered tracker is ideal as it continuously charges itself, for trailers, containers, or other assets that are outdoors.