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Telematics Tracking for Construction Teams
Telematics Tracking Service Plans

We have to earn your telematics tracking business every single month with results you can measure, excellent customer service, and rock solid reliability.

  • 30 second telematics tracking with breadcrumb trails
  • Realtime stop status and duration
  • Driver Speeding reports
  • Geofences (circle, rectangle and polygons)
  • Geofence Arrival and Departure Reports
  • Virtual Timecard Telematics Tracking Reports
  • Telematics Tracking Maintenance and Odometer reporting
  • Scheduled Email Reports
  • iPhone and Android Mobile Apps
  • Live Traffic Report Overlay
  • Free support and training
  • “Replay the Day” Telematics Tracking Review
  • Unlimited Telematics Tracking Accounts with Web Access from any computer
  • Six months on demand history
  • Unlimited automated reports

Pro Add On
  • Added to Standard
  • PTO status and reporting
  • Time based telematics tracking rules with “after hours”and “unauthorized use” alerts
  • Driver Behavior Scorecards
  • Historical “Look Back By Location” Capability
  • Posted Speed Limits
  • Geofence arrival and departure alerts
  • Driver ID (with optional hardware)
  • IFTA (Miles By State) Reports
  • Integration with Fleetio
  • Integration with ServiceTitan
  • Telematics tracking API access
  • One year on demand history

  • “With ClearPathGPS we’re able to dispatch the nearest truck to a job in realtime and easily verify proof of service on that job right from the system. If I need to know where a truck was on a specific date and time, I have that answer right in front of me.”

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