Top 3 Reasons To Install GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

By October 4, 2018December 23rd, 2020Blog Posts, Business & Team Management

Top 3 Reasons to Install GPS Fleet Tracking Devices On Your Vehicles and Assets

top-3-reasons-to-install-gps-devicesAt ClearPathGPS, we talk to small business owners all day long–not just about installing GPS devices on their fleet, but about their businesses as a whole. From first contact to the end of product training, we get to hear all about the operations, processes, and people at hundreds of different companies in different industries.

But one common thread runs through all of our serious conversations…

A need to track and monitor a company’s capital assets and the people driving them. But what translates the initial fluttering interest felt in unprecedented control of operations into installed GPS devices? What forces are moving virtually all business owners, large and small, to begin GPS tracking their assets like never before? We ask ourselves these questions all the time and it generally boils down to three main reasons that business owners decide in install GPS devices.

The Number 3 Reason: “I need to know my time cards are correct.”

We hear this all the time from companies who do T&M jobs or service work. Some GPS devices and systems have features to integrate into the accounting process and take pressure off back office staff. This saves time and money but it can also answer perplexing questions like:

Did it really take Dale three hours to mow Mrs. Handley’s lawn?

The Number 2 Reason: “I want my employees to be safer drivers.”

On today’s cramped roadways it is imperative to know if your drivers are taking undue risks with company vehicles. Especially here in California where one neckbrace-clad motorist can bankrupt a family business. People tend to be more responsible when they are being watched. Even (or especially if) it is your own family driving your vehicles, you may want to consider adding GPS devices as an extra layer of accountability for your operations. Does your business have a NASCAR wannabe on the pay-roll?

The Number 1 Reason: “I’ve got a guy.”

We’ve all heard funny stories about egregious misuse of company assets by employees. In the days before GPS devices it was difficult to know exactly what drivers were up to after they left the yard. Today GPS fleet tracking software gives detailed records of everywhere each vehicle has been as far back as the life of the unit. Business owners are not only curious about this information, today they are demanding it. Whether said “guy” is suspected of taking the long way home or driving to a vacation spot for the weekend, GPS tracking fleet management gives business owners confidence that they will never get bamboozled by their drivers. Do you have a guy?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions you may have a problem with an easy fix. GPS tracking software has dropped in price to the point that it is absurd to be without it given the risks.