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Top 3 Reasons Business Owners Install GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

By February 4, 2020July 20th, 2021Blog Posts, Business & Team Management

Top 3 Reasons to Install GPS Fleet Tracking Devices On Your Vehicles and Assets

business ownersAt ClearPathGPS, we talk to business owners around the country all day long. Not just about utilizing our GPS fleet tracking solutions to help them more effectively manager their fleet, but about their businesses as a whole. From first contact ..  to the quick deployment of our solutions .. to the ongoing support we provide .. we hear all about the operations, processes, and people at hundreds of different companies in different industries.

But one common thread runs through all of our serious conversations…

A need to track and monitor a company’s capital assets and the people driving them. But what translates the initial fluttering interest felt in unprecedented control of operations into installed GPS devices? What are the common themes of why a large percentage of business owners, large and small, choose to utilize GPS tracking? While the potential cost savings to the business and running a smoother, more efficient operations is high on the list — it generally boils down to three main reasons that business owners decide in install GPS devices.

The Number 3 Reason: “I need to know my time cards are correct.”

We hear this all the time from companies who do T&M jobs or service work. Some GPS devices and systems, such as ClearPathGPS, have features to integrate into the accounting process and take pressure off back office staff. This saves time and money but it can also answer perplexing questions like:

Did it really take Dale three hours to mow Mrs. Handley’s lawn?

The Number 2 Reason: “I want my employees to be safer drivers.”

Getting easily distracted while driving with a text that may have just come in, or racing around town or speeding on the highway to make appointments are unfortunately some tough habits to break. Curtailing unsafe driving is of deep concern to business owners,  and it is imperative to know if your drivers are taking undue risks with company vehicles. Especially given that one neck brace-clad motorist can bankrupt a family business.  With GPS tracking features and tools, you can monitor erratic driving behavior and proactively cut-down on unsafe driving, providing an extra layer of accountability for your operations.

The Number 1 Reason: “I’ve got a guy.”

We’ve all heard funny stories about egregious misuse of company assets by employees. In the days before GPS devices it was difficult to know exactly what drivers were up to after they left the yard. With GPS fleet tracking, you get detailed records of everywhere each vehicle has been, with detailed historical records. The results?  Less extra long breaks, side-jobs, or driving to places that are not part of the work.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions you may have a problem with an easy fix – GPS tracking!

But don’t just take our word for it. Make sure to check out some of our top rated reviews from satisfied business owners on Capterra or TrustPilot!

At ClearPathGPS we helps field service businesses—including landscapingplumbersroofers, pest control, HVAC and more—improve their operations and bottomline. To learn more about how ClearPathGPS fleet tracking solutions can hep your operations achieve better results, contact us today