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Top 6 Questions to Ask Telematics System Providers

By January 23, 2019January 5th, 2022Blog Posts, Business & Team Management

Buyer Beware: Top 6 Questions to Ask Any Telematics System Provider

Telematics-system-providersThe benefits of a telematics system are undeniable–lower labor costs, lower fuel costs, a safer team, and unbeatable proof of service. However, whether you’re new to GPS tracking or looking to switch providers, it’s important to make sure you select the best software partner for your business.

Here are the top 6 questions we recommend asking any telematics system providers you’re considering:

1) Is there a long-term contract? (Or automatic renewals?)

If there is, you might be locking yourself into a customer support nightmare, long-term price point, or the ability to suspend vehicles if or when you need to. Worse yet, many GPS tracking contracts are vehicle-based versus account based, so you could have as many contracts as you have vehicles, which makes switching providers an excruciatingly slow process

2) Is your customer support US based?

Many aren’t…and we all know how challenging that can be when you truly need a helping hand. It’s also important to know the quality of the support you can expect to receive. Here’s why it’s important to be sure you check out 3rd party review sites.

3) Are there hidden fees?

Beware device activation fees and ongoing device license fees. The price may not be what you thought it was, based on a quick website browse.

4) When was your software last updated?

You should be able to rest easy that your telematics system will be improved to meet your needs, current industry regulations, and (of course) maximize your investment. Ask when their system was last updated and if there are future software developments on the horizon.

5) Do you have experience in my industry? (Or with similar fleet sizes?)

Make sure your telematics software provider has the chops to handle your unique industry (or fleet size) challenges and help give you the guidance to set you up for success in your industry. Check out our GPS fleet tracking success stories.

6) Can multiple people within my company use the telematics system?

Regional teams and dispatchers will have different needs than Safety Managers, Fleet Maintenance Managers, or executives, but all of them can benefit from the data. Be sure you know how much it will cost for everyone to use it.

Final Note – Do Your Homework!

You’re not going to figure out which is the best GPS Fleet tracking and telematics system company just by looking at each company’s website. You’ll only get the real scoop from businesses like yours that have used…or are using the product or service.

Reading customer reviews from 3rd party sites that aren’t paid for by the vendor is really your best best, two for our industry that stands out include:

We can tell you that when you check sites like these for ClearPathGPS, you’ll find customer after customer after customer writing glowing reviews of our telematics system, our terms, and our customer service. We’re proud of those reviews and work hard everyday to ensure the success of our customers!