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The Truth About GPS Tracking Options

By August 22, 2018January 21st, 2022Blog Posts, Business & Team Management

Where to Find the Real, No-BS Story About Your GPS Tracking Software Options

Gps tracking software optionsYou’re not going to figure out which is the best GPS tracking software just by looking at each company’s website. You’ll only get the real scoop from businesses like yours that have used…or are using GPS tracking software.

Sure, you’ll find impressive-sounding stuff at each of those sites. This company is a “leader in business GPS tracking!” That one promises to “tailor their GPS tracking software to meet your company’s unique business needs.”


But what’s the real story behind each of these vendors?

Don’t expect a GPS tracking software provider’s website to tell you that the company doesn’t quite leap to its customers’ aid when they have a problem.

Or that a teeny tiny clause in their original agreement automatically extends the contract by another two years if the customer doesn’t call to cancel.

Or that there’s no way to suspend the monthly service temporarily if, for example, your company has a quiet season and won’t need to track some vehicles for a few months.

So where can you find out details like that? Where can you learn what it’s actually like to do business with each of these companies?

You’ll Get the Full Truth Only from Businesses Like Yours That Are Using GPS Tracking Software, Too.

The only place we’ve ever found this unfiltered truth is in the online reviews from companies like yours that have already done business with these GPS tracking software vendors.

When it comes the GPS Tracking Software industry, the best sources for those types of customer write-ups are third party review sites:

Like Capterra.

Or Software Advice.

Or GetApp.

We’ll let you discover for yourself what customers of the other vehicle tracking providers have written. But we can tell you that when you check sites like these for ClearPathGPS, you’ll find customer after customer after customer writing glowing reviews of our GPS tracking software, our terms, and our customer service.

Like Jennifer Grech, a construction company professional who wrote:

“ClearPathGPS has made it incredibly simple to monitor all of the trucks in our fleet at a glance. The program is clear and easy to understand and has all the information I need at my fingertips. There are tons of extras that we didn’t have with our prior service, including notifications and geo-fences. The customer service from ClearPath is phenomenal, they offer a great hands on training and made sure that all users were 100% comfortable with the system. I would highly recommend ClearPath to anyone wanting to better monitor their fleet.”

Or Vincent F. a project estimator in the construction industry who wrote:

“We use ClearPathGPS every day. Being able to view detailed information about our vehicles is incredibly useful and helps us cut costs. They communicate when new features are added and the customer service is very fast. For all the benefits and features you’re getting, the cost is surprisingly low.”