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Full Fleet Visibility with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking for your fleet is crucial to minimizing costs and maximizing ROI. Get the real-time fleet visibility and powerful tools you need to more effectively manage the vehicles, teams, and assets. Everyday, thousands of businesses nationwide leverage ClearPathGPS easy-to-use GPS fleet management solutions to:

Know where your fleet is using real-time data analytics

Increase productivity and decrease downtime

Bust operational inefficiencies before they affect business

Minimize costs, unsafe driving, and timecard padding

All-In-One Fleet Management Solution

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AI Powered Dashcams
Vehicle Tracking
Equipment Monitoring
Field Management
Limitless Automation

Our AI dashcam solution provides real-time images and video feeds for additional insight. Road and driver-facing video footage will help serve as evidence in the case of false claims and unfounded lawsuits 

  • Live Live Access—Anytime, Anywhere
  • Motorway Advanced Driver Alert System
  • Motion In-Cab Driver Coaching
$200k estimated annual savings in insurance-rate hikes

GPS fleet tracking provides real-time data insights and tools needed to effectively manage the vehicles, people, and assets businesses send into the field every day. 

  • orange-driver-wheel-gps-tracking Improve Driver Behavior
  • Fuel-efficiency-meter-with-fleet-tracking Fuel Efficiency Reporting
  • Tool-icon-preventative-maintenance-for-fleets Preventative Maintenance
"It gives us a full picture of what’s happening and helps us react quickly"
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Protect and control your most valuable assets. Whether you utilize and deploy heavy equipment, tractors, trailers, and more—ClearPathGPS monitors your assets every day.

  • Theft-prevention-icon Theft Prevention
  • Engine-icon-with-gps-fleet-tracking Track Engine Hours
  • Invoice-icon-equipment-tracking-engine-hours Provide Accurate Billing
"Knowing exactly what equipment is where has cut downtime significantly"

Take out your competition with innovative features brought by customer feedback. Easily manage your day-to-day to improve job efficiency and provide the best customer service.

  • Map Live Location Sharing
  • Save time Provide Accurate ETA’s
  • Delivery truck Easy Driver Dispatching
"It's been super helpful in our ability to respond quickly to customers"
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Our fleet management system revolves around the ability to automate data so it does the work for you. Get live alerts to take proactively take care of issues and streamline your operation. 

  • Bell Create Custom Alerts
  • Analytics Weekly Scheduled Reports
  • Email Email & Text Notifications
$160,000 - $170,000 saved in timecard padding and overtime
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Transform your business with top-rated GPS fleet management software. Grab a demo in one click.

We had no way of tracking where the guys were...


I had to literally figure out ways of duplicating myself...


Now, ClearPathGPS is absolutely vital to our operations.


Scott Ramsey, President

Ramsey Asphalt Construction 


Top-Rated Customer Support 

At ClearPathGPS, our customers are our top priority so much so that we believe WE should earn your business every single month. Don’t just take our word for it. Simply look to our thousands of customers nationwide who believe in our customer service and support features.

A ClearPath To Success

Flexible Plans + 30-Day Guarantee
Flexible Plans
+ 30-Day Guarantee
Quick Set-Up
Easy-to-Use Solution
Continued Learning
US-Based Support

Your path to achieving better results is a lot easier than you think! With ClearPathGPS, you can be up and running quickly, plus we’re there for you every step of the way.

Top-Rated GPS Tracking Solution

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