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Simple Pricing.Flexible Contracts.

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We offer flexible contracts that align with the needs of our customers and understand that running a business isn't easy. That's where our versatile month-to-month contract comes into play! 

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Our pricing and contract system was built to support you—not profit off you. In fact, with our monthly contract model, we challenge ourselves to earn your business monthly.

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Run your business like a PRO

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Get all the tools and features you need in our most beneficial package. With the Pro package, you get more than just a suite of software. You get a team ready to learn more about your business and leverage the following features: 

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Advanced Reporting

Get in-depth data insights into fleet trends, and driver behavior to promote accountability and profitability. Quick access to easy-to-leverage data across all vehicles and assets.

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Real-Time Custom Alerts

Receive notifications via text or email and proactively take of issues. Get alerts for just about anything with the ability to customize including unauthorized usage, maintenance, and much more.

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Live Location Sharing

Share the driver's live location with people outside your organization with a simple link. Great for letting customers know how far techs are to their destination. 

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Quick & Easy Dispatch

 New job for your driver? Quickly notify your techs through text and send them to their next location. Don't forget to add a description to let them know! 

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Partner Integrations

If you don’t want to stop using the fleet management services you’ve been using, you don’t have to! Our tools and platform support integrations with ServiceTitan, Fleetio, VisTracks, and more.

Don't want full visibility?

No problem. Opt for our Standard package for more basic information. Our team can help you determine the package best suited for your needs.

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Perfect for businesses just getting started with GPS fleet tracking, with reasonable gps fleet management pricing as well as data and reporting of vehicles and assets.

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Real-Time Fleet Visibility

Virtual Geofences

Basic Report Library

U.S. Based Support

*Vehicle dashcam for additional $30/month


Our Pro Plan provides additional insights into your day-to-day operations and more tools to manage and support the continuous improvement of your fleet.

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Advanced Reporting

Real-time Custom Alerts

Text to Dispatch

Partner Integrations

Ongoing Guidance

Open API Access

Location Panel (powered by Google)

Live Location Sharing via ClearShare

*Vehicle Dashcam: Additional $30/month

*Reach out to our team to see which features are best suited for your operation

Find out how GPS tracking can save you money.


Hardware Options

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No matter your needs, we’ve got the best hardware to support GPS tracking needs. Our team is here to make sure you can use these tools in the best way possible. 

Plug & Play Device
Covert Hardwired Tracker
Vehicle Dashcam
Dual-Powered Asset Tracker
Solar-Powered Tracker
Industrial Grade Asset Tracker

“ClearPathGPS is making us more efficient month over month because I now have visibility into how long routes and stops are taking and can proactively plan ahead. This is our first experience with GPS Tracking, it’s been great!”


Maria, Owner

Pest Pros of Michigan

"ClearPathGPS provides us the vehicle and crew tracking we need to get better results. The more we use and learn about the system, the more tools we find to make us even more efficient."                                                                                       


Bennett, Manager


“With ClearPathGPS, I'm able to see all my job sites at once and know exactly who is where with what equipment in real-time. We've been able to cut down time significantly.”                                                                  


Adam, Owner

Arroyo Seco Construction

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Eliminate Blindspots. Illuminate Your Business.

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