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Our No. 1 metric for success at ClearPathGPS has always been customer satisfaction. We’re proud that hundreds of clients have entrusted us to optimize their daily operations, drive growth for their business, and increase overall efficiency for their fleets. 

Here, we’re thrilled to share with you our recent fleet management awards from G2, a platform that aggregates user reviews and publishes widely renowned yearly awards to recognize businesses that are doing things right. 

We thank you, our incredible customers, for your constant support. We’re looking forward to paving the way toward even more innovative fleet management in the future! 

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The ClearPathGPS Team’s Fleet Management Awards

Since 2017, ClearPathGPS has been pleased to receive a growing number of G2 awards yearly. These accolades mean a lot to us personally since they represent consistent customer satisfaction. 

However, since G2 is the world’s leading software review site, these awards mean a lot to our business professionally. Fleet-based businesses use G2’s recommendations to whittle down their lists of potential vendors. 

We are delighted to announce that in 2023, ClearPathGPS received 18 new G2 badges.

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2023 Fleet Management Awards:
Best Usability and Results

Best Usability

Sometimes, simplicity really is best! G2’s Best Usability Awards recognize software products that are user-friendly and intuitive. The tools G2 names in this category are easy for users to navigate and leverage from day one.

Best Usability: Small Business
Best Usability
Best Usability: Mid-Market

Best Results

Believe that results speak for themselves? We do too, which is why we’re particularly excited about these two new badges from G2. G2 recognizes software tools that consistently get the job done in this award category.

Best Results: Mid-Market
Best Results

2023 Fleet Management Awards:
Customer Service


Over our years of serving fleet-based businesses, we’ve found that all clients have one thing in common: The wish to avoid frustrating (and expensive!) monthlong onboarding processes. In this category, G2 recognizes companies that offer quick, painless, and practical implementation.

Fastest Implementation: Mid-Market
Most Implementable
Most Implementable: Mid-Market

Best Relationship

In this category, G2 recognizes software companies that are consistently there for their customers over time. At ClearPathGPS, we strive to be an ongoing asset for our clients and are always looking for more ways to invest in prosperous customer relationships. 

Best Relationship: Small Business
Best Relationship
Best Relationship: Mid Market medal
Best Relationship: Mid-Market

Easiest to Do Business With

It may not matter how powerful a tool is or how integrated the platform may be. If a vendor is challenging to work with, partnering with them won’t be worth it! G2’s Easiest to Do Business With award recognizes companies that go above and beyond to make life easier and better for their customers. 

Easiest to Do Business With: Mid-Market

2023 Fleet Management Awards:
Most Likely to Recommend & High Performer

Most Likely to Recommend

The highest honor a company can receive is a personal referral! When customers recommend our work to others, that indicates a high level of trust and that our service has consistently exceeded expectations. With this award, G2 recognizes products with a strong likelihood of frequent customer recommendations. 

Users Most Likely to Recommend: Small Business
Users Most Likely to Recommend

High Performer

This prestigious G2 award category recognizes software products that consistently demonstrate high customer satisfaction ratings, exceptional value, and reliably great performance.

High Performer: Small Business
High Performer
High Performer: Mid-Market

2023 Fleet Management Awards:
User Experience

Users Love Us!

At the end of the day, what matters most is whether our users consistently have a great experience with our services. At ClearPathGPS, we’re particularly proud that our clients love our services—and are willing to talk about it! G2’s Users Love Us award is awarded after a company collects 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars. 

Users Love Us

Capterra Fleet Management Awards

G2 isn’t the only platform that amasses user reviews and ratings! Capterra, another leading software review platform, presents yearly awards acknowledging top-performing solutions in many different categories.

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Over the years, ClearPathGPS has been honored to receive many of these awards, including: 

  • Emerging Favorite, GPS Tracking Software (2022) Capterra Badge | Best Value
  • Top Performer, Asset Tracking Software (2022)
  • Best Ease of Use, Moving Software (2021, 2022)
  • Best Ease of Use, Fleet Management Software (2021, 2022)
  • Best Ease of Use, Asset Tracking Software (2022)
  • Best Ease of Use, GPS Tracking Software (2022)
  • Best Value, Fleet Management Software (2021, 2022)
  • Best Value, GPS Tracking Software (2022)
  • Best Value, Moving Software (2021)
  • Best Value, Asset Tracking Software (2022) 

But Our Favorite Fleet Management Award Is Always Your Satisfaction! 

As excited as we are to accept these awards, at ClearPathGPS, our focus will always be on you and your experience. When our customers take time out of their busy days to share their stories, it makes our day. Some of our very favorite recent reviews include:
"Their customer service is top-notch." —John R. 

"Being able to access everything through an app is incredibly helpful.” —Danielle P. 

“The real-time support that's provided works wonders." —Jamie-Lee M.


And, as an honorable mention, we thought we would include our very favorite piece of negative feedback: 

"Haven't found anything yet that I have disliked about the software." —Capterra Reviewer


The team at ClearPathGPS thanks all of our customers for shining a spotlight on our services! We look forward to serving our community for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about what ClearPathGPS can offer your business, request a demo or request a quote from our team today!