Key Benefits of Adding Fleet Dash Cams to Your Vehicle Tracking Arsenal

By adding dashcams to your fleet, you’re providing your operations the additional back-up data and insights to further ensure your team and business is better protected. With images and video feeds you can:

Road + Driver Facing Camera
Tamper-Proof Video

Fleet Dash Cams in Action

Our fleet dash cam solutions provide the visual data to know exactly what has happened, and how to possibly prevent it in the future.

Equipped with telematics functionality, the usage of vehicle dashcams provides additional fleet tracking insights in case of accidents or unsafe driving. Plus with infrared night vision, you get the benefit of an extra layer of visibility and protection no matter what the time of day.

  • In the case of unusual or unsafe driving events such as harsh braking, our fleet tracking system will automatically record and alert you. From there you have the capability to easily verify footage with data on the vehicle behavior reports.

  • Voice prompt functionality provides your fleet drivers the ability to easily flag an event by alerting the camera should they get into a sticky situation, enabling you to quickly pull up footage based on specific events


It’s All in the Proof! Faster Situation Resolution

Whether your drivers are at fault or not, you no longer have to rely on hearsay. Dashcams give you the ability to resolve tough situations quickly and reliably.

  • Fast LTE connections uploads recorded video instantly to the cloud

  • Guard mode protects your fleet while parked by detecting both crash and broken glass events.

  • Footage before and after each detected event is marked for viewing and securely uploaded to your ClearPathGPS portal.

  • LED spot light when motion is detected, deterring theft and better protecting your fleet and everything inside 24 hours a day. (Limited to while device is in guard mode*.)

  • Video footage securely downloaded for bulletproof use in insurance claims, court cases, driver coaching, and more. We aim to be your one-stop GPS Fleet Management Solution


Easy to Install with Top-of-Line Features and Functionality

ClearPathGPS dashcams can be installed and connected to your ClearPathGPS account in minutes enabling you to start recording the day you receive your camera.  Plus, with our top-of-the line hardware, data insights and tools, you can rest assure you’ll get the most out of adding dashcams to your fleet tracking capabilities.

  • HD 120° wide angle lens

  • 720p road-facing and driver-facing

  • 2x digital zoom with full resolution

  • 2.4 inch (diagonal) LCD touch display

  • Smart response detects impact, broken glass, temperature

  • Built-in microphone for bookmarking clips
  • Connects directly to vehicle OBD port
  • Powered by vehicle battery (guard mode* when parked)
  • Up to 60 hours of drive-time video storage

  • GPS data records while ignition is on provide location, vehicle speed, and accurate time/date

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