Advanced AI Fleet Dashcam Solution

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Merrell Brothers
"Thanks to ClearPathGPS, we now have video to protect us against unfounded suits, and already used footage several times to save us from potential million-dollar nightmares.”

See what really happened


Our vehicle dash cam solution provides real-time images and video feeds for additional insight. Dash cam adds an extra layer of visibility and protection when paired alongside vehicle tracking. Protect your fleet against unexpected incidents and safeguard your most valuable assets.

Don't get sued, exonerate your drivers

Access to both road and driver-facing video footage will help serve as evidence in the case of false claims and unfounded lawsuits -  not only saving your business thousands or even millions in false claims but also helping maintain brand reputation

Coach bad drivers and reduce your risk 


Capture and quickly view collisions, driver behavior, or other unplanned events in HD footage. Dash cams are connected to fast LTE coverage and instantly uploaded to the cloud for review.     

Ready to protect your business with dashcams? Learn how to win employee acceptance of dashcams in our free guide. Download Now.

True Flexibility in Dashcams

   Road and driver-facing video telematics


Hardware Highlights 

  • Add Driver-Facing Now or Later 
  • Fast and Easy Installation 
  • Elevated Storage Capabilities 
  • High Quality, Yet Affordable
  • Road-Facing: 1080p  
  • Driver-Facing: 720p
  • High-Speed LTE Connection

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