GPS Tracking that Agricultural Companies Depend On

We track agricultural vehicles and heavy machinery every day for businesses like yours. Many of these companies come to ClearPathGPS with similar goals, challenges, and questions:

We need to prolong the life of our equipment.

Agricultural businesses come to ClearPathGPS because they know our solution offers precise engine-hour tracking and proactive maintenance warnings—which can help increase the service life of their critical equipment and increase the ROI of those machines.

How can we improve route guidance for our field employees?

Another challenge agribusinesses face is sending their employees to large, rural areas with no road signs or street addresses. With ClearPathGPS, their drivers can receive real-time guidance even to the most remote sites, without getting lost.

We’re worried about theft.

Theft is on the rise for agricultural companies’ trailers, tanks, farming equipment, and delivery vehicles. Losing any of these costly assets to thieves can cost a business a fortune and result in lost productivity and customer frustration. ClearPathGPS tracks agricultural vehicles and heavy machinery to prevent these nightmare scenarios.

Can we use GPS tracking to improve crop yields?

Our agricultural customers are discovering they can use our geofencing feature to set up digital boundaries on their crops. Their teams then use the data to prioritize fertilizing and harvesting in specific areas and improve farmworker efficiency.

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What ClearPathGPS Can Do for Your Agriculture Business 


Increase Equipment ROI

One of the easiest ways to lengthen the useful life of your company’s expensive vehicles and heavy machinery is to outfit those assets with GPS tracking devices, which send a steady stream of valuable data back to your business including engine hours and reminders for preventative maintenance.

ClearPathGPS real-time fleet tracking data will help you:

  • Increase your ROI by optimizing usage of vehicle and field equipment.
  • Reduce costly downtime due to repairs and replacements.
  • Keep your equipment healthy and in the field longer.
Increase Equipment ROI

I’ll get a message from ClearPathGPS saying that a truck is due for an oil change next week. Then, thanks to the Fleetio integration with ClearPathGPS, we’ll set an appointment for the service, and the system will automatically send that truck’s driver a text saying he’s scheduled for an oil change on this day next week, and here’s the address.

Blake MerrellHead of Florida Division, Merrell Bros.

Guide Your Drivers Effectively

For ClearPathGPS customer Merrell Bros., a biosolids management company that works largely for agricultural businesses., getting their field employees to remote sites used to involve directions like: “Drive passed three ditches, then turn right, and you’ll see a tree stump. Go left…

But with our GPS tracking solution, your drivers will enjoy pinpoint accuracy even to the remotest locations.

  • Set up solar-powered asset trackers at rural sites and guide employees right to them with the ClearPath app.
  • Save money on fuel costs by not having to redirect a lost employee.
  • Improve worker productivity and save precious daylight hours by getting your drivers to job sites on time.

Improve Crop Yields

Our built-in geofencing feature helps agricultural companies target specific geographic zones to focus on—or avoid—to improve efficiency, productivity, and yield. Here are just a few ways:

  • Prioritize fertilizing and harvesting on farm acreage, resulting in better equipment utilization and enhanced efficiency.
  • Distinguish between locations treated by pesticides and those deemed organize growth areas.
  • Digitally “fence off” land regions for extended periods of time, to enable maximum soil cultivation.
Improve Crop Yields

Ensure Quicker Theft Recovery

If a vehicle is ever stolen, recovery can be as simple as pulling up the ClearPathGPS app on your phone and guiding police to it in real-time. Fast recovery can mean recovering valuable tools and equipment too. The ClearPathGPS solution offers several theft-recovery measures:

  • Real-time tracking updates of vehicle locations recorded and reported every 30 seconds.
  • Geozone alerts for after hours or weekend movement from your yard, a field, or another type of jobsite.
  • Covert installation minimizes discovery and tampering of gps devices.

Improve Driver Behavior

Your crews represent your business’s reputation in the field. The way they handle your vehicles also affects how much those vehicles cost you over time. If you’re worried your drivers aren’t driving as responsibly as they could be, we can give you the tools to keep a watchful eye on their behavior:

  • Get reports on hard braking and fast acceleration.
  • Review trend reports to spot problem drivers.
  • Use a Driver Scorecard to rank all drivers’ behavior.

ClearPathGPS Delivers the Features and Tools You Need

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Real-Time Alerts
Real-Time Alerts for Safety, Maintenance and More
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration with Other Systems such as Service Titan and Route4Me
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Management Mobile App – iPhone and Android
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Extensive Report Library to Help with Billing, Timecards, and More

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