Automate Your Entire Fleet Maintenance Process

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Effortlessly track maintenance in one place 


The health of your vehicles is an overall indicator of the health of your business but it's nearly impossible to keep track of every single detail for an entire fleet. ClearPathGPS is here to provide you with full-blown fleet maintenance capabilities within our GPS tracking platform.  

Reduce downtime,              drive overall fleet health 

Set service schedules and get alerted based on mileage, hours, and time.

If your vehicles aren't on the road, they're not out making money. Our system allows you to be less reactive and more proactive—helping you optimize working conditions for vehicles and equipment Keep assets on the road for longer periods and maximize their operational productivity. 

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Lower repairs costs while increasing productivity  

Looking to extend your data network and improve efficiencies across your network of vendors, suppliers, partners, and employees? With ClearPathGPS robust API, you can seamlessly integrate fleet tracking data into your existing systems to drive additional insights and operational efficiencies.

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Healthy Fleet = Healthy business


Increase Vehicle Lifespans 


Proactive maintenance keeps vehicles and equipment in optimal condition, extending their lifespan


Improve Driver Safety 


Keeping up-to-date on maintenance plays a critical role in minimizing failures that lead to accidents 


Mitigate Revenue Loss


Proper fleet maintenance allows businesses to maintain consistent schedules and avoid idle vehicles

Intuitive, yet, easy-to-use software

Find out if ClearPathGPS affordable GPS fleet tracking solutions can help your operations and bottomline!