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We track thousands of vehicles and heavy equipment every day for HVAC and related field service businesses. Many of these companies come to ClearPathGPS with similar goals, challenges, and questions. 

How can we more easily track all our vehicles and heavy equipment?

Keeping track of your vehicles and crews in the field all day is tough especially if you’re relying on multiple sources – texts, calls, orders, and your team’s memory. With ClearPathGPS fleet tracking you get a visual of where your fleet is at any given time providing you the real time visibility and tools you need to run a more efficient operations.

How can we be better at reacting quickly to emergency orders?

When an emergency job comes in, your team needs to know where each crew is and how close they are to completing their current job, so they can dispatch the right team to the job quickly. The ClearPathGPS fleet tracking platform and mobile app provides real-time visibility of where your fleet currently is, along with a record of where they have been. 

We need to know how our drivers are behaving.

When they’re in your vehicles, your drivers are representing your business. Knowing how they’re driving can help you make sure they aren’t creating problems on the road—problems that could hurt your company’s reputation. ClearPathGPS data insights, reports, and real-time alerts help you take better control.

We’re worried about theft.

HVAC companies like yours worry about the security of their vehicles and the equipment their crews carry onboard: vacuum pumps, refrigerant scales, voltage testers, etc. Tracking your vehicles and assets with ClearPathGPS provides you the ability to know right away of unauthorized usage or after hour movement —and help you retrieve your expensive fleet assets!

We need better proof of time-on-site for billing and payroll.

HVAC businesses like yours also need an accurate record of their crews’ days and times at job sites, to make sure they’re paying their teams the right amount and that they have proof of service in case a client ever disputes an invoice. ClearPathGPS provides this capability with our virtual timecard and other operational reports.

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How Your HVAC Business Can Benefit from ClearPathGPS


Improve Customer Service

Our user-friendly GPS tracking dashboard will let you respond more quickly to customer calls, by giving you a real-time view of each crew’s location and their time on site. This will help you quickly determine the closest crews to the new jobsite and those most likely to be done with their current job the soonest.

ClearPathGPS real-time fleet tracking data will help you:

  • Find and schedule the right crew faster.
  • Give your customers more accurate arrival estimates.
  • Meet your customers’ needs in a timely manner.
Improve Customer Service
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Gps fleet tracking system

Our Techs might show up and start working at 10am but the customer contact might not see them until 11. We needed a way to prove to our customers how much time our techs were spending on the job

Mandy SouzaOffice Manager, Polar Bear Services

Increase Fleet Productivity

Imagine if you could ride shotgun with each of your drivers. Would routes get done faster? Would stops take less time? Could you serve more customers each day? With the ClearPathGPS fleet tracking solution and mobile apps, you’re virtually riding with every driver all the time. You can use this real-time visibility to boost productivity in several ways:

  • Use real-time traffic to help your crews avoid trouble spots.
  • Review each day’s routes to find better ways to get your drivers to job sites.
  • Improve punctuality by holding your drivers accountable and monitoring their on-time records.

Ensure Quicker Theft Recovery

If a vehicle is ever stolen, recovery can be as simple as pulling up the ClearPathGPS app on your phone and guiding police to it in real-time. Fast recovery can mean recovering valuable tools and equipment too. The ClearPathGPS solution offers several theft-recovery measures:

  • Real-time tracking updates of vehicle locations recorded and reported every 30 seconds.
  • Geozone alerts for after hours or weekend movement from the yard.
  • Covert installation minimizes discovery and tampering of gps devices.

Improve Driver Behavior

Your crews represent your business’s reputation in the field. The way they handle your vehicles also affects how much those vehicles cost you over time. If you’re worried your drivers aren’t driving as responsibly as they could be, we can give you the tools to keep a watchful eye on their behavior:

  • Get reports on hard braking and fast acceleration.
  • Review trend reports to spot problem drivers.
  • Use a Driver Scorecard to rank all drivers’ behavior.

Gain More Visibility — Literally

With our road- and driver-facing dashcams, you no longer have to rely on hearsay when your drivers get into a sticky situation. Whether at fault or not, dashcams give you the ability to resolve tough situations quickly and reliably.

  • Footage before and after each detected event is marked for viewing and uploaded to your ClearPathGPS portal.
  • Guard mode protects your fleet while parked by detecting both crash and broken-glass events.
  • Tamper-free video footage securely downloaded for use in insurance claims, court cases, driver coaching, and more.

ClearPathGPS Delivers the Features and Tools You Need

to be More Effective

Real-Time Alerts
Real-Time Alerts for Safety, Maintenance and More
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration with Other Systems such as ServiceTitan and Route4Me
Management Mobile App
Management Mobile App – iPhone and Android
Extensive Report Library
Extensive Report Library to Help with Billing, Timecards, and More
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