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GPS Fleet Management Systems - ClearPathGPS

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With ClearPathGPS fleet management solutions, you get the real-time visibility and powerful tools you need to more effectively manage the vehicles, people and assets your operations sends out into the world.

Everyday, thousands of businesses nationwide leverage ClearPathGPS to:

Know where fleet is anytime, anywhere

Increase fleet productivity, minimize downtime

Get ahead of issues before they become larger problems

Cut down on timecard padding, incentivize safe driving, and more!

GPS Fleet Tracking Tools You Need to
Be More Efficient and Effective

Live Map View of Entire Fleet
Real-Time Alerts
Virtual Timecards
Virtual Geofences 
Extensive Report Library
iPhone & Android Apps
Vehicle Dashcams
Routing, Driver ID & More

Whether you're looking to mitigate risks, control costs or provide better customer service, there is a lot you can accomplish with ClearPathGPS. Our powerful, yet easy-to-use solution allows you better manage your mixed fleet and continuously improve your operations.

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At ClearPathGPS, we are laser focused on the success of our customers. Though don’t just take our word for it, our fast-growing customer base says it best.

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Your path to achieving better results is a lot easier than you think! With ClearPathGPS, you can be up and running quickly, plus we’re there for you every step of the way.