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The Secret to Gaining Employee Acceptance of a GPS Tracking System

How employees feel about fleet tracking systems

Access our step-by-step guide on how best to introduce GPS tracking to your staff!

Want to know the quickest and easiest path to getting your field techs and drivers comfortable and even happy with a GPS tracking system? Simple: start using it.

That’s what software maker TSheets found when they sponsored a major survey of US workers: “What Employees Think of GPS Tracking in the Workplace”. Some really eye-opening stats came out of this survey. We’ll get into them below. But here’s the big takeaway for employers:

Employees whose companies actually use GPS tracking systems are more than 3 times as likely to have a positive opinion about it than employees who’ve never been tracked.

The actual survey numbers look like this:

  • Of employees who have a tracking system, 54% have a positive view… and just 5% have a negative one
  • But… of employees who don’t have a tracking system, only 16% feel positive about the technology. Worse yet, 38% have a negative view of it

The message is clear. The sooner you start using a GPS tracking system for your fleet trucks and other assets, the sooner your employees will see the technology isn’t a threat, and that it can actually benefit them.

More Employees Than You’d Think Understand the Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems

In fact, the survey also found that many employees — even those who’ve never worked for a company that uses a GPS tracking system — already see how the service could help them in their jobs. Here are some examples:

  • 76% of employees who’ve used GPS tracking (and 71% of those who haven’t) say the technology can help track travel time and mileage.
  • 75% of employees who’ve used GPS (and 61% of those who haven’t) say it will help them “Ensure I get paid what I’m owed.”
  • 75% of employees who’ve used GPS (and 62% of those who haven’t) say GPS will lead to greater accountability.

The Surprising Worry Most Employees Have About GPS Tracking Systems

Ready for the most surprising stat in the whole survey? Turns out the #1 concern employees have about vehicle GPS tracking has nothing to do with their employers knowing where they are. It’s this:

70% of employees’ biggest fear of GPS fleet tracking is that they’ll run down their phone’s battery.

As the survey report points out, though, GPS tracking apps typically use far less data and battery power than personal apps like Facebook and SnapChat — but fewer than 10% of employees worry about how much those apps are draining their phone’s battery.

The Good News:

If you’ve been worried about introducing a tracking system at your company because you thought it might hurt your relationship with your employees, you can relax. Turns out their concern about tracking services has very little to do with your knowing their location in the field.

The Great News:

Plus, if you’re thinking about using GPS to track your vehicles and other assets, you can put your employees at ease — because the primary hardware behind these services are GPS trackers mounted inside the vehicle itself, not an app they need to install on their phones.

The Right Way to Roll Out Your GPS Tracking System

So, now you know that the way to get your employees to think positively about GPS vehicle tracking is to start using the technology. The survey results prove it.

But you still need to be strategic about how you roll out this service. That means, first of all, choosing a GPS tracking system customers rave about.  It also means telling your employees about it the right way.  But don’t worry: we’ve got a step-by-step guide on introducing GPS tracking to your staff!

Access Guide: How to Break the News to Your Team

Some really eye-opening stats came out of TSheets' latest survey…