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GPS Asset Tracking

Protect Your Assets, Optimize Usage, and Improve Your Bottomline

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Bennett, operations
Eric, GM
Cal State Site Services
“Before we outfitted our trailers with the ClearPathGPS trackers, our crews often had trouble finding our assets, especially because a lot of times these sites are in the middle of nowhere.”

Ready to Take Control of Your Assets and Get Better Results?

GPS Asset Tracking has never been easier. Whatever assets your business utilizes or deploys – such as heavy equipment, tractors, trailers, site services equipment – with ClearPathGPS, it’s like having virtual eyes on your fleet of assets all day, every day.

Protecting Your Physical and High-Value Assets with our GPS Asset Tracking Devices

With 10s of millions of dollars of stolen assets reported in cargo theft alone every year, GPS Asset tracking devices are more important now than ever. It’s never been easier to set up GPS trackers for your high-value assets, where you can track wherever your asset moves, collecting location data making sure business runs super efficiently while mitigating any risk to lost or stolen equipment while making in any theft recovery efforts easy.

You get the real-time visibility and data insights needed with all your powered and non-powered assets to maximize profits, control costs, and better protect your fleet.  Here at ClearPathGPS, we offer a full spectrum of GPS fleet Management Solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Results Being Achieved By Our Customers!


Improving Fleet Usage


Improving Day-to-Day Operations


Recovered Missing or Stolen Assets

Know Where Your Assets Are — All Day, Everyday

With ClearPathGPS asset tracking solutions, simply login and get a live visual view of where all your assets are – such as heavy equipment, tractors, generators and trailers – at any given time.

With our easy-to-use geofences tool, you can create geographical boundaries around a job site, in the field or where you store your equipment, allowing you to easily monitor when your equipment arrives, how long it’s there, and when it leaves. Plus, with our real-time alerts, you’ll be immediately notified of unauthorized usage.

Run a More Accountable, Accurate and Profitable Business

We use fleet tracking best practices,  with our detailed fleet tracking reports we help you optimize asset usage, stay on top of maintenance, and improve customer billing.

  • More easily identify and redeploy available assets to new jobs, locations and sites
  • Keep equipment in tip-top shape with ignition summary, engine hours, and other pertinent data such as periodic maintenance reports and alerts
  • Validate customer billing with reporting of locations, arrival and departure times, and more
Clearpathgps is your #1 gps vehicletracker
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More Easily Recover Lost or Stolen Equipment and Cargo

Unsure where a particular asset is? Concerned of unauthorized movements or theft of your fleet? With ClearPathGPS live gps asset tracking, we’ve got you covered! Easily pinpoint where your assets are at any given time, plus get real-time alerts of unauthorized movement.

Have a Trailer Pool?

With ClearPathGPS asset tracking you can also:

Improve Drive Times with Route History and Replay

Real-time visibility doesn’t just tell you where your trailers are right now, our telematics tracking solutions also show you where your assets have been and how they got there. Review your drivers’ route histories at the end of each day, to help improve drive times and reduce late arrivals at destinations. Plus you will have the data you need to ensure IFTA compliance.

Achieving Better Customer Communications

GPS trailer tracking makes for happier customers, thanks to shorter lead times, maximized efficiencies, and real-time shipment status updates. Real-time traffic overlays enable you to re-route your tracked trailers around traffic jams, and more.
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Asset tracking technology

Plus, We Have the Right Asset Tracking Hardware You Need to Get the Job Done!

For your heavy equipment, trailers, containers, or other assets, our best-in-class hardwired and solar hardware options pass the litmus test when it comes to withstanding harsh environmental conditions. With ClearPathGPS flexible telematic data plans, you get the tracking data you need whether your assets are on the move or sitting in one location.