GPS Fleet Management Solutions

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Bennett, Operations
Bennett, Operations
"ClearPathGPS provides us the vehicle and crew tracking we need to get better results. The more we use and learn about the system, the more tools we find to make us even more efficient."

Ready to Take Control of Your Fleet and Get Better Results?

With ClearPathGPS quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking solutions, it’s like riding shotgun with your vehicles and assets 24/7! As you get the live insights, actionable data and tools you need to more effectively manage your fleet, improve your operations, and your bottomline.

ClearPathGPS fleet management solutions on desktop mobile and in vehicle dashcams

Powerful GPS Tracking Functionality & Tools

ClearPathGPS quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use solutions enable you to take control of your vehicles and assets you have in the field every day. Control that allows you to make decisions, take action and achieve better results to improve your operations and bottomline.

GPS fleet tracking with live map views of vehicles and assets

Live Fleet Visibility

Always know what is happening in the field with our intuitive live fleet tracking map.

30-second interval updates and breadcrumbs allow you to easily see where your vehicles and  assets are, and where they’ve been. Live traffic views help with routing optimization, & more. Looking for specific info on one of your vehicles or assets? No problem, simply click and drill down!

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified right away when something needs attention or is going astray.

Proactively take care of issues before they become larger problems. Common uses of this feature includes being alerted when scheduled maintenance is due, usage of your fleet after hours, speeding or unnecessary idling, when your fleet is moving outside of virtual geofences you’ve set-up, and more!

fleet tracking mobile app provides live tracking and real time alerts to prevent problems
gps fleet tracking reports and data to help manage and improve operations

Actionable Data

Extensive reports library to monitor trends, fleet usage, driver behavior, and more

Get detailed, summarized and historical data of your fleet to drive accountability and profitability. Key reports our customers utilize include virtual timecards, geozone departures and arrivals, ignition detail, maintenance, record of stops, driver behavior, and more.

Mobile Apps

No need to be sitting at your desk to still be in control of your fleet.

Our iPhone and Android apps enable you to easily monitor and take action from the convenience of your phone anywhere, anytime. Manage your fleet and respond to customers via an intuitive interface with access to live fleet maps, reports, vehicle and driver information, and more.

ClearPathGPS fleet tracking mobile apps to help manage fleet whenver and wherever you are
fleet tracking vehicle dashcams provide images and video to help protect and improve operations


Further empower your operations to mitigate risks and control costs.

Add the power of dashcams to your fleet tracking tool belt with our road and driver facing video camera. You’ll get images and video feeds to help you resolve tough situations – such as break-ins and accidents, to help promote safer driving habits, and more.

Looking for Additional Fleet Management Options?

We’ve Got You Covered!


Route planning and dispatch, live optimization updates, confirm drivers, and more.


Compliant eLogs for FMCSA DOT mandates, hours of service, inspections, and more.

Partner Integrations

Ecosystem of solutions including ServiceTitan, Fleetio, VisTracks, and more.