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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Insights and Tools to Improve Your Operations and Bottomline

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Maria, Owner - Pest Pros of Michigan
Maria, Owner
Pest Pros of Michigan
"It’s making us more efficient month over month, because now I have visibility into how long routes and stops are taking and can proactively plan ahead."

Use Live Fleet GPS Tracking For Your Company Vehicles and Be Prepared for Great Results!

With ClearPathGPS, the premier GPS vehicle tracking system, it’s like riding shotgun with your drivers all day, every day as they take your business into the field. You get real-time visibility, insights and tools to more effectively manage your day-to-day operations. Easily solve issues before they become larger problems. Cut costs and improve customer service, and quite simply get more done.  All this helps contribute to a more accurate, accountable, and profitable business.

Live Fleet Tracking

Optimize Your Fleet, Improve Customer Satisfaction

Want to know exactly where all of your vehicles are, right now? Which drivers are at what job sites, on breaks, or heading home early?

Just log into ClearPathGPS and you’ll get the full picture in seconds on your laptop, tablet, mobile app…even on your big screen TV!  Vehicle GPS and live fleet tracking best practices are vital to increasing your fleet efficiency.

  • Always know where your fleet is in real time 
  • See vehicle status with color-coded icons for stop, idle, moving, and speeding
  • Answer questions from customers on arrival times, help re-route drivers based on traffic, new job requests, and more

Promote Better Driving Habits, Lower Fuel and Maintenance Costs with Our Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Your driver’s safety and company’s fleet are too valuable to leave to chance. Are your drivers speeding, braking or accelerating too hard? Letting the engine idle excessively?

These behaviors put wear and tear on your fleet, add undue costs in gasoline and repairs, and increase the risks of accidents. Most of these costs can be reduced with the right GPS vehicle tracking system in place.

  • Get the full story of how your drivers are driving —so you can reward good driving behavior and discourage NASCAR racing habits or unnecessary idling
  • Be alerted in real-time of erratic behavior so you can address issues right away
  • Avoid missing fleet maintenance schedules with real-time alerts, and more
ClearPathGPS is your #1 GPS VehicleTracker
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Ensure your Fleet is Where It's Supposed to Be, Prevent Unauthorized Usage with our GPS Vehicle Tracking System

With our geofence tool, you can quickly draw a virtual boundary around any important location—a job site, your company’s parking lot—and ClearPathGPS will automatically record your vehicles or assets entering or leaving that zone.

Plus, with the capability to set up real-time alerts you can be immediately notified of after-hours or unauthorized usage or even potential theft. Up to 7% of annual revenue is lost to theft, according to

Reduce Timecard Padding, Improve Customer Billing

No more worrying you’re paying overtime for hours your field techs didn’t work or having to dispute billable hours with a client.

With ClearPathGPS you get a virtual timecard as our system automatically records every field employee’s start, stop, and total time at each location.

The results? The fleet activity data and reporting you to need to verify and manage time cards, reconcile billing, and support proof of service.

Are you ready to implement a GPS vehicle tracking system for your business? Contact us today for a Free Demo.

gps vehicle tracking system

Results Being Achieved By Our Customers!


Improving Customer Service


Improving Timecard Accuracy


Improving Driver Safety

Additional Tools to Further Improve Your Operations

Vehicle Dashcams

Image and video to resolve tough situations such as accidents, coach safe driving, and more.

Fleet Driver ID

Always know which driver is behind the wheel of your vehicles on every trip.

Fleet Routing

Optimize your routing capabilities with ClearPathGPS partner integration.