The Secret to Gaining                Dashcam Acceptance 

Want to know the quickest and easiest path to getting your field techs and drivers comfortable and even happy with a dash cam system? It's not that much different from implementing a GPS tracking system.
Learn how to win employee acceptance of dashcams in our free guide.

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Employees Need to Know: 

One thing that should be made apparent to your drivers, dash cams ARE NOT a surveillance system. They're actually meant to protect them in unforeseen circumstances such as accidents and other unlawful claims. 

The truth is nobody is, we're all busy... Nobody has time to sit down and watch their drivers all day.

Dash cam systems work toward providing you with data that ultimately protects the company and bring other unsafe behaviors to light.  

If you’ve been worried about introducing a dashcam system at your company because you thought it might hurt your relationship with your employees, you can relax.

Turns out their concern about spying has very little to do with your efforts to install dash cams.


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