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How to Successfully Implement GPS Tracking at Your Asphalt Company

Asphalt Contractor Feature | June/July 2019

Asphalt-contractor-june-2019In this informative article from Asphalt Construction, a ClearPathGPS customer shares how our GPS fleet tracking solutions are helping his business:

“We solved the need for time cards along with keeping tabs on maintenance,” Springer adds. “ClearPath has improved our business by allowing us to easily track our entire fleet of work trucks. The GPS integration has also helped save us time and money. Running reports on our entire fleet or specific vehicles has never been easier.”

ClearPath was on hand to help with the simple “plug and play” installation of the hardware as well as training.

“The biggest reward has been not only saving money, but the GPS reliability and ease of use,” Springer says. “Knowing when and where our fleet of trucks are at any given time during the day, reducing fuel costs, enhancing the safety and reducing the financial loss due to theft is proving to be very rewarding.”

Springer adds that an unexpected benefit to the software has been helping the prevention of poor driving from his employees.

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June/July 2019