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ClearPathGPS Featured in Landscape Management Innovation and Technology Guide

Interview with Steve Wells, CRO and Co-Founder of ClearPathGPS Fleet Tracking Solutions Provider

ClearPathGPS Technology Innovations Interview in Landscape-Managment

ClearPathGPS featured in Innovation + Technology Guide

ClearPathGPS fleet tracking was recently featured in the August 2021 Issue of Landscape Management Magazine. Steve Well, ClearPathGPS co-founder and CRO, addressed key trends and both on the landscaping GPS fleet tracking front and with results being achieved with ClearPathGPS landscaping customers.

Excerpt of Landscape Management article:

Q. How do GPS fleet tracking systems compliment other software being used by landscaping companies?

Many of our landscaping customers rely on ServiceTitan or Aspire type software. These are great systems to run your back-end office. However, when you add live GPS fleet tracking, it brings these systems to life.  Dispatching is a lot easier if you know exactly where your fleet is, especially if they are in between jobs. Having GPS tracking data to support billing and proof of service helps with accounting and customer service processes. The ability to use our data to promote safer driver habits or mitigate after hours usage are just a few other examples of how our system has become a vital part of landscaping businesses’ operational ecosystem.

Plus, with our seamless integration with many of these field service operation systems and/or use of our open API, our customers are able to leverage our data even easier.

GPS fleet tracking has become a vital part of the industry’s tech stack, helping landscaping companies more effectively improve their operations, and bottom line.

Steve WellsClearPathGPS CRO and Co-Founder

Q. What are some of the challenges you’re seeing in the industry, and how does your system help?

Top of the list for many of our customers is the continued labor shortage. Using our system for better fleet utilization helps them do more with less, including improved routing and dispatching, having ‘virtual’ eyes in the field to help spot inefficiencies or discrepancies before they become problems that impact the bottom line.

Supply chain issues have also become more prevalent, directly impacting the cost of replacing vehicles and assets. Our system helps better protect a businesses’ fleet including real-time alerts of unauthorized movements and helping in the quick recovery of stolen vehicles and expensive equipment. On the maintenance side, our system keeps track of when service is due and helps cut down on erratic driving which also helps avoid accidents and costly repairs.

Q. What are some of the successes you’ve heard from your landscaping customers using your system?

We love all the stories we hear, and have quite a few posted on our website, including a customer who recently shared that by leveraging our GPS data and timecard padding report, they have saved over $160k just in payroll and billing.

Q. What differentiates ClearPathGPS from other GPS fleet service providers?

I’d say without a doubt, our focus on the success of our customers. We’re quite proud of the customer-centric reputation we’ve built in the industry, as evidenced by top reviews on Trustpilot and Capterra!

At ClearPathGPS, we are focused on helping our customers improve their operations and bottomline. Our top-rated GPS fleet tracking solutions provide real-time data insights and tools needed to more effectively manage the vehicles, people, and assets businesses send into the field everyday. Can ClearPathGPS help your operations get better results? Let’s find out – request a demo or contact us today.

Interview on technology GPS trends in the landscaping industry and…