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ClearPathGPS Employee Spotlight: Patrick Evans, Technical Product Manager

Patrick evans of clearpathgps gps fleet tracking featured on employee spotlight

Commonly known as our ‘go-to guy,’ Patrick brings a can-do attitude to everything he tackles at ClearPathGPS! Both customers and fellow employees have benefited from his 3 + years of contributions – building a support portal, onboarding hires, facilitating the growth of our GPS Fleet Tracking product, and more. We invite you to learn a bit about Patrick and his role here at ClearPathGPS, along with his philosophy on careers and the pursuit of continuous learning!

Q: You have been a man of many career paths! From teaching English abroad to running operations at a law firm, and more. How has all this diverse experience contributed to your roles here at ClearPathGPS?

Many years ago I was fortunate to discover the concept of focusing more on what I like to do rather than on a specific type of job. And while my path has definitely been diverse, each role has built upon itself and has had a very specific theme — constantly learning and discovering ways to help make things easier and better for people.  Both of which I am passionate about doing! 

This common thread has permeated each and every role I’ve been in. My time abroad led me to learn five different languages in order to help others become more successful in learning English.

Through my curiosity about technology and how it helps create efficiencies, I was able to help a law office be more effective with their time, and so forth. With all these roles it was a matter of examining problems and forging solutions, which is absolutely the case at ClearPathGPS as well  – helping both internally across departments, and externally with our customer base.

Q: You have worked in different roles during your time at ClearPathGPS. Share with us what you’ve been doing and your favorite parts.

Building on my passion for continuously learning and finding solutions, I really enjoyed my time in customer support, it’s a great group to be a part of.

Internally on the IT side, I helped grow our operational infrastructures including an employee portal to share knowledge across the organization. I set up processes to quickly and effectively onboard new employees, as well as continuously implement data security measures to ensure our company is protected. 

I really enjoyed our fast-growing customer base as well. Helping customers better leverage our system, uncover how to solve their challenges, and answer any questions they might have helped me build a deep knowledge of the value of our system and our customer’s fleet tracking needs. I remember on my very first day, I saw an immediate opportunity to provide better documentation and helped build our easy-to-use customer support portal which continues to grow in both helpful content and usage.

Q: In your new(er) role, you’ve been focused on expanding our telematics platform capabilities. What new features are you most excited about?   

In my current role as Technical Product Manager, I am applying the tribal knowledge I gained in my support roles to contribute to the growth and innovation of our GPS fleet tracking solution offering.  For instance, knowing the challenges our customers face in running their businesses really became self-evident in my support calls. Their time is not their own, and they are often wearing many hats. They need field visibility, they need data quickly. They need to be able to customize data to fit their specific fleet tracking situations, and so forth. 

All these guiding principles are what we’ve been applying to our platform, to continuously grow and improve value to our customers. Within this role, I’m able to help bridge the gap between the different product enhancements and the engineering side to make our vehicle and asset tracking solution even easier and faster to use.

I take our company mission to heart — provide real-time visibility and insights to help customers more effectively manage the vehicles, employees, and assets sent into the world every day. And have been working on continuously improving our solution to help our customers get better results. Key features that help in this pursuit include:  

  • Enhancing our map interface to provide immediate visibility into time spent stopped or idling at locations
  • Making reports even easier to use by providing better organization and more customization options
  • Simplifying the more powerful features of our system like Maintenance tracking, to enable all users to take advantage of 
Q: Share with us how your recent move to Washington state has been and have had your first baby – all in the last 7 months. What’s it like being a father? Do you miss California?  

Yes, lots of transitions, but I feel very fortunate. On the homefront, having grown up in California and specifically Santa Barbara, it’s been nice to settle into the Pacific Northwest area and live somewhere different, and to be surrounded by nature. Being a father, definitely life-changing. I’ve fallen in love all over again.. first was with my wife, and now with my son!

Thanks, Patrick for sharing a bit more about yourself and for your ongoing contributions to ClearPathGPS and the success of our company and more importantly, our customers!

At ClearPathGPS, we are focused on helping our customers improve their operations and bottomline. Our top-rated GPS fleet tracking solutions provide real-time data insights and tools needed to more effectively manage the vehicles, people, and assets businesses send into the field everyday. Can ClearPathGPS help your operations get better results? Let’s find out – request a demo or contact us today!

Customers and fellow employees have benefited from his 3 +…