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How ClearPathGPS Fleet Tracking Helps West Coast Air Conditioning Get Better Results

How West Coast Air Conditioning Operations are a Breeze with ClearPathGPS Fleet Tracking

West Coast Air Conditioning Optimizes Operations Using ClearPathGPS Fleet Tracking

ClearPathGPS is a great choice because the system has so many uses—probably a lot more than you realize, it's not just about monitoring your vehicles in the field.

Jim HaaseService Manager

Customer Quick Insights

Service Manager Jim Haase shares how ClearPathGPS fleet tracking is key to ensuring West Coast Air Conditioning operations are running smoothly.

First.. a bit about West Coast Air Conditioning’s growth and strong reputation!

For decades, businesses and homeowners across Southern California have chosen West Coast Air Conditioning as their preferred partner to install, service, and repair their heating and cooling systems.

Much of the company’s impressive growth—they now have 150 employees and more than 80 service vehicles—is largely due to positive word-of-mouth from customers. West Coast Air boasts dozens of 5-star reviews—and glowing customer stories—on Yelp. After many years of dedicated service, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy, and skilled team of HVAC specialists.

Q. How are you using our GPS vehicle tracking system to improve your customer service?

We’ve found lots of ways to use ClearPathGPS to improve our service levels. I’ll give you a couple of examples.

Because we’re billing customers by the hour in some cases, I need to know exactly how long our technicians are onsite. ClearPathGPS is great because I can open the app and see when a tech arrived and when they left. If a customer claims we were there only 25 minutes, but I have proof that our tech was there for an hour, that resolves the issue before it can become a problem. I can even print the details from the ClearPathGPS dashboard and show it to the customer. 

ClearPathGPS is also great for helping us keep customers informed of our technicians’ estimated arrival time. Just earlier this week somebody asked, ‘Hey, when’s the tech going to be arriving?’ And I said, ‘Hold on. Let me look him up and see where he’s at.’ I went to ClearPath, looked at the app… ‘Oh, he’s on Main Street. He should be coming up soon.’ That adds a lot of value for the customer experience.

Industry: Heating & Air Services
Fleet: 80 Vehicles 
Location: Oxnard, California

ClearPathGPS fleet tracking is also great for helping us keep customers informed of our technicians’ estimated arrival time.

Jim HaaseService Manager
Q. What about internal operations? Managing employees, that type of thing? Is ClearPathGPS helping you with that?

Definitely. For one thing, ClearPathGPS helps us keep the payroll more accurate.

If a tech reports he finished work at 4:30 on a specific day but I think it was more like 4 pm or 3:45, I can just check our ClearPathGPS dashboard. That’ll tell me exactly when he wrapped up work on the last job. So, we have more confidence now that we’re not overpaying our staff.

It’s also great for keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts during the day and monitoring to see if our technicians are taking the most efficient routes to get to job sites. If we have a particular tech who’s late for a job or two, I can start watching his routes in real-time and see—yep, he’s taking the long way. Then it becomes a simple conversation with that tech.

Q. What would you say to someone considering a GPS vehicle tracking service for their fleet?

I’d say ClearPathGPS is a great choice because the system has so many uses—probably a lot more than you realize than just using it to monitor your vehicles in the field. You could get enough value out of the ClearPathGPS system even if you used it only for payroll automation and verification. The virtual timecards can save your team a lot of time, and you’ll find you’re paying your techs much more accurately.

But on top of that, ClearPathGPS can be great for resolving billing disputes with customers. You can use it even just to make your customer service process better by proactively sharing the arrival and departure times for each job, down to the minute, so the customer has the confidence you’re billing them accurately.

You can also use the system to make sure you always know where all your techs and vehicles are in the field, which also helps operations. We have the ClearPathGPS real-time map up all day on a huge screen in the office, so we can always see where everyone is. Plus, it helps you hold your employees accountable and encourage them to be on their best behavior whenever they’re out in the field representing your company. That’s good for everybody.

Thank you Jim for sharing your thoughts about the value of ClearPathGPS, and to West Coast Air Conditioning for being a great customer

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