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Automotive Fleet Feature

By June 1, 2019August 15th, 2021Product & Company News, Blog Posts

7 Creative Uses of Telematics Tech

Automotive Fleet Feature | 2019

automotive-fleet-june-2019In this informative article by Automotive fleet, ClearPathGPS shared how our GPS fleet tracking tool – geozones – are helping customers:

“Our clients saw that inaccurate bidding was leading to less profitability. We enable them to geozone job sites and tag them with the type of work completed, then run a geozone tag report to continue to hone bids,” he explained. “This helps the companies bid more accurately.”

Wells said geozone tagging can also be used to improve customer service:

“Another creative use is to geozone tag your most important clients and pass them along thank you gifts/notes when they hit certain milestones,” he added. “For instance, the note could read, ‘We’re grateful to have completed 500 hours of work on your projects this year.’”

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