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How GPS Fleet Tracking Puts Time Back in Your Business Day

Clearpathgps fleet tracking can help your business save time and money

We share quite a bit on the ClearPathGPS blog about how the right GPS fleet tracking system can save your business money, which it definitely can. But cutting costs isn’t the only way our GPS fleet tracking system creates benefits for your business. It also helps your team save time in a multitude of ways. These time-saving benefits can be just as valuable to your operations, and your team’s sanity.

3 Key Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Can Save You Time

 Just imagine… A prospect called your office with an emergency service request, and you were confident that within a few minutes you’d be able to answer the prospect’s key questions: Can you send someone out soon? When can I expect them to get here? You wouldn’t even need to call around from one tech to another to see who was available or look up your staff’s schedules for the day—because you had all that information on a live map right on your screen.


You sat down to process your field staff’s timecards for the upcoming pay period—and you didn’t have to spend any time looking up each tech’s jobs during the week to check them against their reported hours. You also didn’t need to waste any time tracking down the two or three employees who always turn in their timecards incomplete. Why was this pay period’s timecard processing so easy? Because your GPS tracking solution automatically generated each tech’s timecard for you, accurate to the minute. 

Here are 3 key ways (although there are quite a bit more!) in which GPS can add time back to your day:

1. Save time managing your field employees 

Keeping track of your field techs, making sure they are where they’re supposed to be and that they aren’t wasting time out there, can be a huge time drain.

If you can’t see what they’re doing in the field, the only way to gain any visibility is to micromanage them—have a dispatcher or office manager call or text them throughout the day for updates. Definitely a waste of your staff’s time!

Worse, if your service techs are taking longer than necessary to complete jobs in the field—because, hey, nobody’s watching—your business might not be completing as many orders as possible. 

With GPS fleet tracking:

Bethany Martinez, Office Manager for Bay Climate Control, tells us that ClearPathGPS saves us so much time because we don’t have to call a bunch of techs and ask, ‘Where are you right now?’ We can dispatch the right person very quickly. And that means we’re able to provide better service to the customers who need us most.

The right GPS fleet tracking solution lets you check-in digitally, anytime, with your entire fleet. As we say here at ClearPathGPS, it’s like virtually riding shotgun with every one of your field techs, all day. And it can save your team massive amounts of time.

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2. Save time dealing with payroll 

A 2019 study by consulting firm Ernst & Young, estimating labor costs of common HR tasks, found that on average, businesses spend the following on payroll activities every pay period:

  • Employee fills out and submits timecard:   $  9.59
  • Employer organizes all timesheets:            $13.33
  • Employer verifies timecard accuracy:         $15.14
  • Employer addresses any inaccuracies:      $13.04

Now, let’s say you have 15 field techs, each submitting timecards every other week. 

Time savings when it comes to gps fleet tracking

That’s nearly $400 per month your business spends on payroll tasks alone! 

With GPS fleet tracking:

You could eliminate nearly all these expenses. The ClearPathGPS app tracks your service techs in the field minute by minute, and it can generate an accurate timecard for you in minutes via our virtual timecard report.

3. Save time handling customer service. 

When a customer calls with an upcoming appointment to ask when your field tech will be arriving—and you don’t have GPS tracking—your ops manager or dispatcher will probably need to call the tech. Let’s say the whole process eats up 7 minutes…

  • Dispatcher calls field tech, asks for ETA: 3 minutes
  • Dispatcher calls customer back with an answer: 4 minutes

And it happens a dozen times during a typical workday. That’s costing you 84 minutes—nearly an hour and a half— of your office staff’s time every day just to answer customers’ ETA questions.

With GPS fleet tracking:

Now, if you had GPS fleet tracking, your dispatcher could simply glance at the live map view and let the customer know—right then, in real-time—how far out he is. No calling the tech. No calling the customer back. Instead of 7 minutes, it would take… 0 minutes. That’s a potential savings of 28 hours of your staff’s time each month, and 336 hours—more than 40 days—saved per year.

And you’d have happier customers, too!

How Would You Spend All This Extra Time?

We’ve shown in other posts that you can save your company lots of money with GPS fleet tracking. And for most businesses in highly competitive service industries like yours, those cost-saving benefits can be reason enough to sign up for the right GPS fleet tracking app.

But as we hope we demonstrated here, you can also save plenty of time with the right GPS solution. The only question is, what will you do with that time savings?

  • Take on more customers and job orders?
  • Take that long-delayed vacation?
  • Cut back on the stress meds? (Just kidding.)
  • Start those big-picture projects to grow your business?
  • All of the above?

These easy-to-implement new automation capabilities and workflows—which you can add almost immediately —could save your staff hours of wasted time every week. Let’s find out together. Speak with a GPS specialist today!

At ClearPathGPS, we are focused on helping our customers improve their operations and bottomline. Our top-rated GPS fleet tracking solutions provide real-time data insights and tools needed to more effectively manage the vehicles, people, and assets businesses send into the field everyday. Can ClearPathGPS help your operations get better results? Let’s find out – request a demo or contact us today!

Cutting costs isn’t the only way our GPS fleet tracking…