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ManagerPlus and ClearPathGPS Fleet Tracking Data Integration

How ClearPathGPS Adds Massive Value to Your ManagerPlus Account

Your ManagerPlus service already provides valuable insights into your fleet operations, such as helping you monitor your vehicles’ total cost of ownership over time.

But when you integrate vehicle tracking data from ClearPathGPS, you can turbocharge the value of your ManagerPlus account. Here’s how:

1. Eliminate wasted time and resources updating vehicle mileage 

If you don’t already have a GPS fleet tracking system installed across your fleet, your choices for maintaining up-to-date records of each vehicle’s mileage all involve a lot of tedious work.

Maybe your dispatcher or someone on your operations team regularly calls each of your field techs and asks them for their truck’s current mileage reading, which they then write down. Or maybe one of your staff has to hop into the cabin of every vehicle, inspect the odometer, and jot down the number.

Whatever your manual process is, it’s costing your business time and money.

But with ClearPathGPS, you can have mileage updates fed directly and automatically into your ManagerPlus account—every 12 hours, every 24 hours, or once a week. This means you can reclaim that time your employees spend manually updating your fleet’s mileage—and redirect it to more productive work.

2. Automate vehicle-maintenance alerts 

Without an automated process for updating your vehicles’ mileage, you also won’t have an automated way to trigger notifications for mileage-based service.

This means that your staff has to monitor the mileage on each vehicle and remember to schedule appointments at specific milestones—such as oil changes every 5,000 miles.

With ClearPathGPS, though, you can remove this manual process as well. In addition to automatically pulling current mileage readings into your ManagerPlus environment, ClearPath also lets you set automated mileage-based alerts, including regular maintenance reminders.

Replacing these manual updates with automated reminders can help in a number of ways, including:

  • Less time wasted reviewing mileage logs to determine which vehicles are due for service
  • Fewer missed maintenance appointments
  • Less vehicle downtime

3. Improve your fleet’s ROI 

Integrating live vehicle tracking data from ClearPathGPS into your ManagerPlus account means your operations team can more accurately monitor the status of each vehicle in your fleet.

It also means you can ensure your team always knows when a vehicle is nearing a regular maintenance milestone—without having to remember to keep track of that information manually.

In other words, your vehicles will receive preventive service when they need it, you can extend the useful life of those vehicles, and your business will enjoy a higher ROI on your fleet.

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How ClearPathGPS Adds Massive Value to Your ManagerPlus Account Your…