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How GPS Tracking Saves You Money on Fleet Maintenance and Boosts Your Vehicles’ ROI

Fleet maintenance trackingWhen we talk about the benefits of fleet tracking, we usually mention the most obvious advantages. You’ll improve customer service, save staff time by automating driver timecards, lower your fleet’s insurance premiums, improve fleet driver safety… that sort of thing.

But there’s one huge benefit we don’t talk about enough: Equipping your commercial vehicle fleet with GPS tracking can save you serious money on fleet maintenance and extend the useful lives of your vehicles.

Our bad. We really should’ve been discussing this more.

You can think of the fleet maintenance benefits we’re about to describe as good, better, best. (And yep: your company will get all three types.)

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React More Quickly to Vehicle Problems (Good)

With your GPS tracker connected to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system through its OBDII port, when that vehicle registers a DTC code (or fault code), your GPS system will immediately send a fleet maintenance alert to the appropriate people at your company.

Maybe that’s your fleet operations team, or maybe it’s just Steve, one of your trusted team members who keeps your web-based GPS tracking system’s dashboard open on his computer all day, so he always knows where all of your vehicles are on the road.

Because you’re receiving these fleet maintenance alerts automatically as soon as one of your trucks registers a problem, you can schedule a repair appointment quickly, rather than hoping your driver notices something’s wrong, or waiting for that fault code to turn into a broken down vehicle on the side of the road and a missed appointment at a job site.

Schedule Maintenance Based on Mileage or Time Milestones (Better)

Because prevention is better than a cure, you also want to set regular maintenance appointments for your vehicles, to keep them tuned up and running smoothly, and to fix small issues before they come big ones.

With the right GPS truck tracking solution, you can do this easily. Set your GPS app to send a fleet maintenance alert when a vehicle hits a certain mileage milestone or at specific time intervals.

This way, you won’t have to waste time and resources manually checking each vehicle’s odometer or trying to maintain/monitor a calendar filled with “time for a maintenance checkup!” happy faces on different days for each of your trucks.

Oh, and the even better better news is this: with a fleet tracking solution like ClearPathGPS, you can integrate a more robust fleet maintenance solution like Fleetio right into your ClearPathGPS service. That means when your vehicle reaches a service milestone, you can set a trigger to schedule a service automatically, manage repair-order approvals electronically, etc.

Use Data to Predict Issues and Keep Your Vehicles Healthy Longer (Best)

When it comes to boosting the ROI of your vehicles and extending their useful lives, the real benefit of GPS trackers is the data they’ll be gathering and analyzing for you — not just from your own vehicles but from many others just like them.

In other words, rather than doing only reactive maintenance and scheduled maintenance, you can also do predictive fleet maintenance.

The best GPS vehicle tracking solutions track thousands of vehicles every day, monitoring their health over millions of miles each year, in different climates and across different types of terrain. You can put all of that knowledge to work for your company — and make better decisions about when and how often to schedule your fleet maintenance.

To use an easy example, analyst firm Nucleus Research explains that motor-oil makers usually recommend changing engine oil every 3,000 miles. But analyzing real-world data might tell fleet managers they need to change their vehicles’ oil only every 5,000 miles. Knowing this could save these businesses money and reduce vehicle downtime.

Data might also show that some types of fleet maintenance should happen more frequently, not less, than conventional wisdom suggests. Again, knowing this could save your company money and help you prevent needless vehicle downtime because you waited too long to bring a truck in for service.

Bottom Line…

When you equip your vehicles with trackers from ClearPathGPS, you can enjoy the benefits of this expertise that comes from analyzing vast amounts of vehicle data — and boost the ROI of all of your vehicles.

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How GPS tracking can save you serious money on fleet…