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Fleet Tracking Improves Company Performance—Here’s the Proof


Fleet Tracking Improves Company Performance-Heres the Proof Blog Featured Image

Great staff + great vehicles = great company performance.

Seems simple. And, to a certain extent, it is. If you invest in the health of your vehicles and make sure your team has what they need to succeed, you’re going to see better results

Every single time.

Here’s the thing: It’s one thing to say that you’re going to give your vehicles and your employees the TLC they deserve, but accomplishing it (and tracking the results) is far harder.

That’s where GPS fleet tracking for field service businesses comes in. 

Fleet tracking will help you boost your business. A high-quality fleet tracking app will also help you keep everyone—your employees, customers, and, therefore, you—happy.

This might seem like a stretch—and we get it. Business owners often waver when considering small fleet GPS tracking, believing their team might question their loss of privacy, job competence, or job fairness. That’s an understandable take, but, fortunately, the latest research (and our customers’ experiences) points in another direction. 

Fleet tracking helps you find the small adjustments that can make a big impact on your bottom line, the happiness of your team, and the health of your business.


Fleet tracking helps you do more. 

Fleet tracking can help you tackle more tasks, be more efficient with your time, and otherwise supercharge your productivity – linking you and your team to measurable boosts in ROI

This makes sense when you think about it. 

If your average driver typically makes seven stops a day and is able to squeeze in just one more stop—thanks to more efficient routes, reduced idle time, and increased driving performance associated with fleet tracking—that can result in huge business benefits. 

Further, for construction companies, better asset utilization means their vehicles spend more time on the job instead of gathering dust in a lot. This results in more efficiency, more use, and more revenue for you and your business! 


Fleet tracking leads to big fuel savings. 

Fuel consumption is always going to be a notable expense for your fleet. With fleet trackers, you can cut down on that cost

Fuel costs can represent around 60 percent of a fleet’s total operating costs. That’s a huge percentage! With a fleet tracking system, you can save nearly $60 per vehicle per month, or thousands of dollars per year—per vehicle. 

(And we did that math assuming $3/gallon of gas; with constantly volatile and seemingly always-increasing gas prices, you stand to save even more with the protection of your GPS tracking system.) 

With all of that money returned to your pocket, you could boost employee wages, invest in your business, or even add another vehicle or two to your fleet, allowing you to grow your revenue even more


Fleet tracking streamlines fleet maintenance. 

With a GPS tracker system, you can set up automatic notifications to tell your team precisely when your vehicles and assets reach specific milestones, from age to actual mileage.

This means that you can schedule on-time (and even proactive) vehicle maintenance to keep your fleet in tip-top shape.

Not only does this make managing your fleet a breeze, but it’ll also reduce the potential for broken-down vehicles, increase driver safety, and save you money on fleet maintenance in the long run. 


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Fleet tracking supports savings on payroll. 

Fleet tracking solutions deliver more than simple vehicle location data. With some clever thinking, you can use your fleet management platform to save on payroll—and have extra cash left over to invest in your customer service, vehicles, and drivers! 

GPS tracking can help you identify and cut back on common time wasters, such as idling and inefficient routes. With consistent use, you can easily see thousands of dollars in savings per year. 

Plus, fleet tracking software that automates time sheets, such as our Virtual Timecard, can streamline payroll and reduce accounting staff time.


Fleet tracking keeps employees satisfied. 

With fleet management software, you can keep more precise tabs on driver performance and driver behaviors. Now, it could seem like this opens doors for employee dissatisfaction. (No one loves a back seat driver, particularly one empowered with real-time data.) 

But here’s the thing: Aside from boosting driver safety and overall fleet efficiency, your GPS tracking solution can help put more money back in your employees’ pockets. Because—as we noted above—you can take on more gigs and save on overall company expenses, fleet tracking solutions mean greater potential for raises. 

And, because your drivers will be safer and better paid, they’ll stick around longer, leading to better overall employee morale and company environment. 


Fleet tracking skyrockets customer satisfaction. 

We’ll keep this short and sweet: With high-quality fleet tracking solutions, you can support customer success with faster, more accurate service. Your techs will be on time, no one will have to wait around for missed appointments, and you may be able to offer reduced prices and sales because of your team’s incredible performance. 

What’s not to love? 


Interested in boosting your business through real-time fleet tracking? 

Our no-contract fleet tracking plan means you can try vehicle tracking on your fleet and experience the benefits for yourself with minimal investment risk. If the research is right, your investment could pay for itself within the first few months.

Interested in learning more? ClearPathGPS is here to help! Call a friendly member of our team to get started today.


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